Castle Keep Safeword Setting




A hypnosis safeword provides a place of sanctuary. Just like any kind of BDSM play, a safeword is important in Femdom hypnosis. They are essential for those occasions where an erotic hypnosis session with Mistress is too intense or takes you somewhere you didn’t mean to go.

Just as the man tied to a bed will find, you are safe when you know that play can be brought swiftly to an end. And you can have the peace of mind that there is somewhere you can retreat, to reset and relax. As a result, you can engage more deeply with the most enjoyable aspects of our time together.

If you have an interest in historical fiction or roleplaying games you might already know that a keep is the central stronghold of a castle. It may be built on a small hill, it may have its own moat. It is a safe place, a sanctuary.

The Castle Keep you will explore in this hypnosis session is borrowed from my private headspace. This is a familiar location to anyone who has followed me into the mirrored room, or delved into Intimate Chastity. The space you will encounter in this session is richly detailed and will suit the most imaginative followers.

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20 minutes

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