Pocket Pet Session One


Continue your adventure as my Pocket Pet, a journey that promises to continue as we explore together.


Pocket Pet is a new way to put yourself at the mercy of your Mistress. Continue here to explore the many ways we can explore your newfound shrinking fetish (or is it a giantess fetish?)

You’ve listened to the trailer, downloaded the Pocket Pet Trigger Setting, and familiarized yourself with two special word runes, nestled like embers in your subconscious.

This gives your Mistress a new level of control over you, are you ready to find out what I’m eager to do with that trust?

Listen to the Trailer Here

Are you ready to continue this tiny adventure with me?

Allow your Mistress to guide you through full body relaxation with guided meditation. The words and sounds you hear will be familiar if you have properly listened to the trigger setting session.

When you’re completely relaxed your trigger will take you down deeper, smaller, shorter. And from there we will explore how you take to this new role in our shared headspace.

Strictly 18+ only.

This session includes themes of Femdom, Ownership and Nudity. It is sexually suggestive and flirtatious and there are hints of objectification.
It also includes gentle teasing and subtle suggestion of a few possibly humiliating (but private) scenarios.

If you suffer from a fear of heights you may wish to proceed with caution.
You should always familiarise yourself with a safeword session like Tunnel of Light before you engage in any kind of erotic hypnosis play.

How deep does the rabbit hole go?

This session ends with explicit instruction to reach out to me. I know that I’ll likely hear from my Happy Harem, as well as a few genuine Macrophiles. And likely these different Pocket Pets will want different things, some of which will probably surprise me!

Carefully copy the contents of your Book of Introspection, and Contact Me with your desires. Then we will expand on Pocket Pet together.

Don’t know where to find your Book of Introspection? Then you’ll have to listen to the session to find out!

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