Press Play on your Ideal Morning


This session will create a play button for you to press regularly. It will increase your confidence, and guide you to embody the qualities you value.


This session is for anyone wishing to increase their confidence, to develop and embody the qualities of a genuine submissive.  The play button is deeply symbolic in this season of Spoken by Elswyth as we are focused on this auditory experience. When you press the play button, you have made the decision to welcome in my voice in your ear, reaching deep into you.

This session will create a play button for you to press regularly. Don’t dwell too much on the idea of fuzzy mice in little habitats, pressing the lever for a treat. We’re not using a lever and you are not a mouse. You are mine and this training is a necessary part of your journey.

The pairing of the visualisation with the guided physical action overrides your everyday, mundane thoughts with those approved by me.
Unsure if I approve of your word choices? Ask me.

You will eagerly allow me to take ownership of those first few minutes of your day. Set your intentions to be the good boy you’ve always wanted to be, for me. 

This session requires the Season Four Deepening Trigger.

Press Play on your Ideal Morning was originally offered in S4 E55 of the Spoken by Elswyth podcast and is also available on YouTube.
The 3 Minute AM session: Podcast YouTube
The 3 Minute PM session: Podcast YouTube

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