Under the Table


You are my obedient and flirty maid Pixie, and you’re ready to show off for my guests at a wonderful dinner party. Come to me, Pixie.


In Under the Table you will become my Pixie. You will walk down the spiral staircase, to your dressing room, and take on the persona of my Flirty French Maid.

And you will greet my guests, some of those other tops have their own pets in tow.

And then you’ll go deeper for me, more flirty, more hungry, more obedient… and then under the table you will go.

Be good. Be fun. Obedient. Lustful. Be Pixie.

You will experience full body relaxation, beginning this highly erotic experience in the best possible way. When I call for my Pixie, you will know exactly what I expect from you.

Under the Table is about a dinner party, and a delicious, indulgent group-sex scene that I deeply wish for you to be a part of. I don’t want to ruin any of the surprises, but you should know what’s expected from the clues I’ve granted so far.

This session ends with an explicit instruction for release. You will have earned it.

A Gentle Warning

This session encourages you to imagine playing with my guests. The gender of those with whom you have sexual contact in is gently blurred, but I always recommend that you familiarise yourself with a safeword session before we play.

If you aren’t already familiar with the Pixie trigger, it’s on sale!


Additional information




36 minutes


"Come to me, Pixie"

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