“Pixie” French Maid Trigger


Become my fun, flirty, happy French Maid. Become Pixie, whenever I need her. I promise you won’t get much cleaning done.


A sissy maid snippet from the session:

You exit your dressing room and go deeper into my home, in this shared headspace.

You’re given three objects  – two clothespins and one tube of Ruby Woo – and instructions.

The clothespins go in your apron pocket.  The lipstick is carefully applied to your lips. When you’re done,  get busy cleaning the sitting room.

Feel yourself curtsey, feel the thrill of having a reason to curtsey to me. But Pixie, you give yourself away when you look up at me – your thick lashes framing your gorgeous twinkling eyes. Even in the deep, almost demure curtsey, I know cleaning isn’t on your mind. It is seduction and my Pixie is talented. I  can’t help but smile at this exquisite creature that I’ve created. I leave you, entering a room off of the hall.

You instinctively know this is the sitting room. You have no reason to worry or wonder if you will get lost. You belong in this place. You belong with me. You belong to me. 

Pixie is your given name when you’ve given yourself to me.

Experience Elswyth’s take on sissy maid training through erotic hypnosis. In this session, you are invited to step into the role of Pixie.

Pixie is my happy, flirty sissy maid. Unlike the other maid, constantly blushing and squirming, Pixie never lacks confidence.  She is my spark of sunshine when I need it, my sanctuary from the serious, and my joyful creature that never fails to offer easy entertainment. You likely won’t get that much cleaning done, but I promise we’ll have fun, together.

OTHER maids include the blushing prissy maid, the proper Lady’s maid, and the made for pleasure male servant.

In the future, we’ll explore the roles of my other maids, and put each in their place.
Trigger setting sessions, erotic storytelling, JOI, why not?
The possibilities are endless, exciting, enticing.
My shared reality is our creative playground.

Send your polite note and ask for more Pixie sessions. You can also message me directly through Patreon. You can also let me know if you’re yearning to squirm and blush as the prissy maid. There is a ballet slipper pink uniform, complete with ruffled petticoats just waiting for the right man. That session will include pushy persuasion, humiliation, and being used in all the right ways. But let’s start with Pixie.

So be my fun, flirty, happy French maid. Be Pixie.

18+ Only.

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38 Minutes

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