The Eternal Suitor


Allow yourself to be seduced by a hypnotist, accept the trigger, say yes to whatever comes next.


Sabriel isn’t some faceless man, or a figment of my imagination. Sabriel is you. If you choose to volunteer to accept this trigger, of entering into this mindset you will find it opens many doors for us to explore, to go down different paths.

So if you’re seeking a release from the everyday, perhaps the responsibilities…
Or maybe managing your emotions, thoughts and actions…
Or perhaps you only feel complete when serving, when giving…
Then give to me and know that I will reward you. I also give you good things.

Take this first step of accepting the Word Rune nestled in your mind, and then you’ll be ready for more.

You will feel happy to be owned by me. Feeling loved, knowing that power imbalance is consensual because you took the steps, to accept the trigger. To say “Yes” to whatever comes after, knowing I want the best for you, good things for you, happiness for us.

18+ Only

This session is unlikely to cause you any discomfort, it’s not highly sexual though it will lead to that. It is instead heightening what’s already in you, awakening what’s already in you, allowing you to be yourself, the self you will be when seduced by a hypnotist.


Additional information


33 Minutes


The Grip of Daydream

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