Pixie’s Maid Punishment Session



My maid training sessions are the perfect tool to discipline sissy servants that let their Mistress down. Were you caught gossiping, shirking your chores, or do you just need to be punished for being the simpering sissy that you’ve always been?

Whatever the reason for punishment, you will learn that I love to give you what you need. Each punishment session includes just the right caning, spanking, or beating for the subject at hand. Plus an emotional coda to ensure the correction sticks with you.

These punishments are so perfectly suited to you, I can only imagine what you might do to make sure you earn them.

Notes and Disclaimers

This session makes use of the Prissy Maid Training Trigger.
Includes impact play, as well as references to exposure and humiliation in front of others, in a private location.
This session also includes references to guy-on-guy oral sex.
I recommend listening to a safeword setting session before beginning any of my sessions.