Prissy’s Mirror Training – An Oral and Anal Training Experience


An explicit Femdom Hypnosis training session for blushing sissy maids who need to practice pleasuring large toys.

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Become Prissy, my blushing sissy maid, and spend your time training to pleasure large, cock-shaped toys. You’ll be tucked away in your dressing room, in my headspace. But that doesn’t mean you aren’t being watched.

Two 30 minute sessions are included, with about 45 minutes of unique content.

A Sissy Maid Hypno Trigger

This session makes use of the Prissy trigger. Prissy is my blushing sissy maid, who always obeys with a lingering sense of humiliation. This session includes a lengthy induction and deepening session in which you will dress in your chosen uniform and apply your makeup. You will be taken completely into the mindset of my maid, ready to complete your training tasks.

Two Sissy Maid Tasks For You

Two sessions are included. One describes an oral training session, while the other is for anal training. Both involve Prissy kneeling in front of a mirror.

This session can be used in a few ways. You can use it as entertainment, or as a visualization, while you remain in a comfortable and relaxed position. Or you can use an appropriate toy and a mirror and recreate the acts described. Either way, it’s all good and useful training.

A Final Warning

Mirror Training includes reference to a chastity device, and extensive references to playing with phallic sex toys. The session also makes subtle references to blowjobs, as performed on another man. This specific act is not described in detail in the session.

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