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4.70 I Like to Give Orders and Get Things Going

Here’s the extra piece that was promised:

Seven is an Auspicious Number

I’ve curated some of my favourite sessions into the new Seven for Seven category. All seven of these wonderful erotic hypnosis sessions are $7 each. Get up to 20% off when you buy a few at a time.



So I received a lot… a whole lot of feedback about last week’s podcast. The one that went out on Tuesday, episode 68. If you didn’t get to listen to that one yet, feel free to go ahead. It had, in the beginning, I was talking a bit about power and how men or women have power, how it can increase their sadistic, or masochistic tendencies. And then we went into playing the little bondage game.

So again, if you haven’t listened to it, make sure you do… even for the bondage game part, because it’s fun. I know because a lot of you have told me so.

And quite a few of you have begged in wonderful ways for an extended version. I always appreciate when you want to be my co-creator. My little muse. So anyway… because this is about feedback to last Tuesday’s session, I actually… have… some dialogue, basically. Somebody had asked me for things I might say in certain situations and I have some juicy things to say.

I do think they are pushing the limits for the podcast, and for YouTube, so if you want to hear these little juicy snippets, it’s free, but you do need to go over to, to the website and just play it there. Okay? It’s gonna be titled, basically… shoot, what should we title it? “I like to give orders and get things going.” Now that’s a good line, right?

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