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Getting Longer Release 10 – Day 100

I already mentioned that I’m taking the next two days off. You can go back to yesterday’s podcast episode and wrap up our two conversations, earning yourself 25% off anything from the shop in the process.

I’ve added a new page to the website where you can easily find the latest releases. You’ll also be able to see what sessions to expect over the next few weeks.

50 Minutes of Femdom Hypnosis

The clock is ticking. Getting Longer is now 50 minutes of Femdom Hypnosis bliss.


This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis Podcast with plenty of triggers and playtime for the right submissive man.

Today is Day 100. How fantastic is that? Today is also the day when you get five more minutes added on to the Getting Longer session. Five more enjoyable minutes.

Your task for today is to list 100 enjoyable things. Your Permissive Circumstance is basically… if you’re a good boy and you do as I said, the answer is yes. If you just can’t be bothered, or… sadly can’t think of a hundred enjoyable things, you can just send a hundred pounds my way, and the you have my permission.

Which one will it be? I guess I’ll find out.

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