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4.92 Will you forget Locktober after today’s free femdom hypno audio trigger flood?

I’m going to show you my level of control over you. I don’t care about your intentions, your promises to yourself. I crave your arousal and your release, and I’ll use all our favourite hypnotic triggers to get what I want.

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4.91 Become Addicted to Femdom Hypnosis

Today’s podcast includes the full trigger setting session “Come Back to Me”. This is a session that deliberately associates everyday stimuli with returning to Femdom Hypnosis Audio, where you can spend time with me.

The session can be found in my shop, without the podcast intro and outro.

Also available, the new Inflame Your Arousal session is a trigger setting session that can and will make you unavoidably horny, whenever I desire. I hope you weren’t relying on staying calm this month, because I will be using this trigger in upcoming podcast episodes.

Would you like to help me create new versions of this session with specific fantasies? Listen to the whole podcast episode to find out how.

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Eunoia (October 6th), Hypnotic Inductions

Today and tomorrow I’m sharing my thoughts and ideas of hypnotic inductions, and asking for a few ideas, too. Of course, you’ll find the usual instruction to “Obey” at the end of the episode.

Oops, it looks like the Mind Control Fragment Page has changed a little, especially if you’re mostly looking at the Locktober playlist. Get all the Locktober fragments right here, without having to pretend you’re patient.


Today is Wednesday and this is Eunoia, Spoken by Elswyth. Eunoia is all about the connection between us outside of our sessions. Send your notes through Patreon or the SpokenByElswyth website to be included in the Listen section and continue on to Obey for the fun homework, permissive circumstance, and whatever else I sometimes tuck in there.

So today and tomorrow, I’m doing two parts of a series just talking about hypnotic inductions. With Femdom hypnosis I still follow a somewhat traditional hypnotherapist layout of hypnotic sessions, even though the content is quite different. It is important that the body is relaxed and mind is open before we truly dig in.

Many of my Happy Harem have shared their favorites and least favorite induction methods with me. I have one dear that dies a little inside each time the beach is mentioned.. which is a shame, because I fucking love the beach. But because he did tell me that and quite early on, I am aware of it and I’ve also become hyper-aware of how often meditations and visualizations and all these things use the beach. Ummm… another dear, uh, well he practically like vibrates with happiness if I do a confusion induction, especially with numbers.

Now, sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to which induction and deepener I choose for a session, it’s just whatever I’m in the mood to try out, or say. Ummm, but most of the time I do have a plan, I have a general, like, outline, Uh, usually so I can hide those word runes in there, or pick an induction that I know someone particularly enjoys… especially if I’m doing a session based on a fetish I know they enjoy. That’s one of the perks to having the smaller, limited Patreon.

Okay, so, I mentioned the visualisation one. The beach, the comforting place, a stream, going down those stairs or hallway. Visualization can be used both to induce trance and to make suggestions. Like for example, if I tell you if you’ve done the lemon script, the quickie as it’s called, it has you recall a room that you’re very familiar with, in that case its the kitchen. Imagining every detail in the room; the floor, the shape of the windows, the painting on the wall, the smells coming from the stove, even the light coming in. You can take that and then have you move onto a room they you’re less familiar with.

So you’re struggling to recall exact details and this little mental struggle going on, its when you are actually pretty open to suggestion. And I like that. I like that tied in with he conversational confusion one, simply because it is easy, so even if you’re new to hypnosis, or Femdom hypnosis, etcetera, its easy. It’s easy to imagine a place and we’re social being so a lot of us love describing places to other people. If we are, if we went out to coffee and I’m like “Hey, tell me about your Grandma’s kitchen.” you’d probably enjoy telling me about it, right? It’s nice. And then if I said “Okay, now tell me about your school’s cafeteria.” that could be a little bit harder and that is where, in our conversation you’d be a bit more open, your mind would be.

Okay, so the confusion it purposefully has misdirection or word play woven through it. It can have the numbers and so on as well. For those of you who are long-time listeners of Spoken By Elswyth you know certain words and word games I love to do. I love words. I think one of my first gifts to come off my wishlist was from my dear Nicholas was a thesaurus. And I know, in this day and age even your phone has a thesaurus in it, but having the actual weighty book is quite nice. I almost always have books on my wishlist, because I love the words, I love playing with it, I know so many of you who are literate people who enjoy words as well and like that kind of play.

The last one I’ll discuss today, so we can save a few for tomorrow, is the sudden shock induction. This is the one people often bring to mind when thinking of Stage Hypnosis or those rowdy TV evangelists on at like one in the morning. You know the ones that they go around smacking people on their foreheads and knocking ‘em backwards. It’s usually a trust fall scenario, not someone actually crashing to the ground, but Erickson who was often fond of like the handshake technique being a trigger, he also claimed that stepping on a person’s foot and then following it with a suggestion worked brilliantly.

Now, I don’t think I can go around to everyone’s house and step on their foot, but maybe one of my clever ones can come up with a way they would like to experience this? I’m happy to co-create with you, so let me know.

So, a few shout-outs. A warm welcome to October-David. he said he needs a nickname due to other Davids being in the harem, so October-David it is for now. He is being bold and he already accepted the Collector’s Invitation.

And also welcome to S. Just S. It’s gorgeous in the simplicity. And welcome to NR84. The temptation is very high to play with renaming both of them, but let’s move on…

Thank you to Raymond for the Jay Jays… oh wait, let’s rephrase. Thank you to Raymond for the night clothes. I’m just gonna let y’all think it’s a skimpy, barely there, red lace number that perfectly matches my heels. You know, the heels that only get worn for the bedroom, or the dinner heels. You know, they just go from car, or taxi, to dinner… and then back to wherever. And then back to wherever, but you’re not walking around in those.

Oh, and on that note… talking about bedrooms and heels and sexy things. Locktober is popular, I know this because there’s been a rush. A rush to the chastity sessions. Like, imagine (and my apologies to those of you who are not American or have not seen this phenomenon on TV) imagine like Walmart, Black Friday, yeah that’s what we have going on towards the chastity section, and those sessions, so that’s fun.

Well done all of you eager beavers, you know? Sixth day of the month, lets see how it goes. November first might prove to be very interesting.

Okay, onto obey. First thing first, stretch your arms up high. Really high. Keep them there. Imagine me in front of you, about to tickle under your armpits. Did you move? Be honest? Did you move… okay… arms down.

Today, you have homework. Today’s homework is to think of ways to recreate the Sudden Impact Induction. Not just stage version but a way we could recreate the sudden impact induction.

And your permissive circumstance is this; you have my permission for release if you’ve ever messed around on a beach. Now it can’t be a simple peck on the check or even just a short makeout session. You gotta be honest here, right? And if you want to share the juicy details with me, go ahead.

Alright, see you tomorrow.

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Bound for Release – Erotic Hypnosis HFO

femdom hypnosis hfo bondage

Bound for release is an erotic hypnosis session with a game twist. You must listen to the Rules mp3. You will also need the finger snap session to set the trigger before playing.

Earn points in an interesting way, playing again and again until you lose. The session winds up by allowing you to fall into a natural (well-deserved) sleep or to wake fully and get on with your day. You choose.

ONLY Available on Patreon or SbE — will not be published on the podcast or YT due to the content.

This session includes hypnotic bondage, seduction, and sexual suggestions. Privacy required.

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Let Me Count the Ways You Drop into Lust

Previously early access, now publically available. Enjoy!


This is a voice in the background session. It isn’t hypnosis, although I know some of you drop easily at the sound of my voice or certain background music. I do have aftercare included at the end of the session. However, if you should find that you feel stuck or unable to be fully awake after this session, contact me. I do have an awakener session available that is simply for moments when you’ve taken yourself deep and need your cobwebs cleared. 

This session may be too intense for some followers. It is geared towards fantasies of being used, sexually, for Mistress’s unending pleasures. The scenes include examples of being objectified, mind warped to want what the population at large may consider distasteful. Topics include: mentally bound during sex, forced orgasms, edging/gooning, denial/cuck with mind warping, and queening. It may include name calling. It may also include some sensation pain, although nothing too painful. 

If you are a newcomer to SbE, you may get the wrong impression from this session. My interests are varied. My subs are important to me and I often focus on physical and mental wellness. I also encourage pleasure through creativity, service, and loving others. I’m happy to be a hardass, but it doesn’t define me. I’m tickled by being greedy and taking what is mine, yet I’m just as likely to insist on a PJ night where you’re snuggled close to listen to a favourite album with me. I insist that you do not create an image of me that is fake because, love, it’ll ruin all of our fun. Your trust in me and my connection with you is required for us to go deeper and create the vivid experiences that your Mistress craves… Experiences that feel more like memories than simply a session you heard in your ears. 

Let’s count the ways that you drop into lust. Into desire beyond simply wanting. No, wanting isn’t nearly a strong enough word to describe this feeling. Let me count the ways that I control you through your body as well as your  mind.

Voice in the Background Session

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Sex Doll Teaser

Open - Spoken by Elswyth - Femdom Hypnosis - Bespoke Sigil  Mini Art Print
Bespoke Sigil for Spoken by Elswyth

This session is sensual, sexual and very playful. It requires a certain type of willing submissive. As always, not all of my content is everyone’s cup of tea … but I assure you that sex doll play is definitely mine. Find the full session on Patreon or do a one-off purchase below. This session will ALWAYS remain patron or purchase only, not released to the general public.

Come play, be my dolly. One time payment for the session.

Download the entire session and enjoy! – Love, Mistress Elswyth

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Circles within Circles – Submit and Expand

A new session. It is long, so leave it for a time when you can thoroughly enjoy it plus the warmth after…

Circles within Circles

This session is for the submissive that wants to explore. To submit *and* expand upon interests, talents, and their sense of self. It is leading without being too forceful. You may be exposed to ideas that you reject outright as not being right for you and that’s permitted here, you are learning about yourself.  I will nudge you into openness and exploring. I will encourage growth.

The ideas contained within are adult and most are highly sexual in nature. As you know, I love a well-rounded submissive so it’s not all about kink or fetish. Hypnotic fantasy has many parts the same goes for femdom hypnosis.

The next patron-only session to be released is going to be focused entirely on fetish ideas. Spending some time on your mind, preparing you for what is to come, is necessary. You want this and it’s okay to be a bit nervous, but I’ll take care of you.

This is NOT a vanilla session by any stretch of the imagination. **The phrase “submit and expand” is placed in a willing mind.** This phrase will allow for a wider selection of play sessions and training between us.

Isn’t that nice?