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Bound for Release – Erotic Hypnosis HFO

femdom hypnosis hfo bondage

Bound for release is an erotic hypnosis session with a game twist. You must listen to the Rules mp3. You will also need the finger snap session to set the trigger before playing.

Earn points in an interesting way, playing again and again until you lose. The session winds up by allowing you to fall into a natural (well-deserved) sleep or to wake fully and get on with your day. You choose.

ONLY Available on Patreon or SbE — will not be published on the podcast or YT due to the content.

This session includes hypnotic bondage, seduction, and sexual suggestions. Privacy required.

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Let Me Count the Ways You Drop into Lust

Previously early access, now publically available. Enjoy!


This is a voice in the background session. It isn’t hypnosis, although I know some of you drop easily at the sound of my voice or certain background music. I do have aftercare included at the end of the session. However, if you should find that you feel stuck or unable to be fully awake after this session, contact me. I do have an awakener session available that is simply for moments when you’ve taken yourself deep and need your cobwebs cleared. 

This session may be too intense for some followers. It is geared towards fantasies of being used, sexually, for Mistress’s unending pleasures. The scenes include examples of being objectified, mind warped to want what the population at large may consider distasteful. Topics include: mentally bound during sex, forced orgasms, edging/gooning, denial/cuck with mind warping, and queening. It may include name calling. It may also include some sensation pain, although nothing too painful. 

If you are a newcomer to SbE, you may get the wrong impression from this session. My interests are varied. My subs are important to me and I often focus on physical and mental wellness. I also encourage pleasure through creativity, service, and loving others. I’m happy to be a hardass, but it doesn’t define me. I’m tickled by being greedy and taking what is mine, yet I’m just as likely to insist on a PJ night where you’re snuggled close to listen to a favourite album with me. I insist that you do not create an image of me that is fake because, love, it’ll ruin all of our fun. Your trust in me and my connection with you is required for us to go deeper and create the vivid experiences that your Mistress craves… Experiences that feel more like memories than simply a session you heard in your ears. 

Let’s count the ways that you drop into lust. Into desire beyond simply wanting. No, wanting isn’t nearly a strong enough word to describe this feeling. Let me count the ways that I control you through your body as well as your  mind.

Voice in the Background Session

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Sex Doll Teaser

Open - Spoken by Elswyth - Femdom Hypnosis - Bespoke Sigil  Mini Art Print
Bespoke Sigil for Spoken by Elswyth

This session is sensual, sexual and very playful. It requires a certain type of willing submissive. As always, not all of my content is everyone’s cup of tea … but I assure you that sex doll play is definitely mine. Find the full session on Patreon or do a one-off purchase below. This session will ALWAYS remain patron or purchase only, not released to the general public.

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Circles within Circles – Submit and Expand

A new session. It is long, so leave it for a time when you can thoroughly enjoy it plus the warmth after…

Circles within Circles

This session is for the submissive that wants to explore. To submit *and* expand upon interests, talents, and their sense of self. It is leading without being too forceful. You may be exposed to ideas that you reject outright as not being right for you and that’s permitted here, you are learning about yourself.  I will nudge you into openness and exploring. I will encourage growth.

The ideas contained within are adult and most are highly sexual in nature. As you know, I love a well-rounded submissive so it’s not all about kink or fetish. Hypnotic fantasy has many parts the same goes for femdom hypnosis.

The next patron-only session to be released is going to be focused entirely on fetish ideas. Spending some time on your mind, preparing you for what is to come, is necessary. You want this and it’s okay to be a bit nervous, but I’ll take care of you.

This is NOT a vanilla session by any stretch of the imagination. **The phrase “submit and expand” is placed in a willing mind.** This phrase will allow for a wider selection of play sessions and training between us.

Isn’t that nice?

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Wednesday Eunoia

Today’s six minute devotion is a naughty musing about twisting the mundane into the erotic. Just a snippet of a thought that goes through my head during certain adult moments. You should feel pleased that you’re *sometimes* the last thought to cross my mind as I from almost there to oh-fuck-yes.

Yesterday, I devoted my time to a hypnosis session involving regression. This isn’t the type of session that I would normally attempt for a public release. It feels intimate and like something whispered between two people. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by how captivated I felt by this creative process…

Speaking of creative… there is a session that will be made public shortly. It is called Circles within circles. I’m torn between releasing it “as is” — long, almost an hour — or finding a way to chop it into two parts. I’d love to hear what others think about the longer sessions here and there? I’ll likely post the same question over on Patreon. I’ve considered asking Pita to offer two versions and having one that is complete and another that is more bite sized.

The arousal of the weekend has yet to wear off. I s’pose I have that to thank for the Circles within Circles session. I just love toying with all of you in the nicest of ways.

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Tuesday Eunoia — A conversation


I’m a little late with today’s Eunoia — those of you AHEAD of London time definitely noticed. I’m sure a few you in the Land of the Brave will have slept through the delay! This week is about naughty musings.. my personal session creation has included quite a few “do whatever pleases you!!” requests and I’m SURE that played a role. I know, I know.. most of you say “do whatever pleases you” yet… it is still different to have a list of limits (very few) and the begging request to push them hard (yum).

I can’t be bothered to do the YouTube video (terrible, eh?) so those poor souls will likely miss on Tuesday and rejoin us on Wednesday. I love creating, I love our relationships, I don’t like a lot of tedious bits. Thank goodness for those who do or else the world would come to a halt.

We have almost hit our 50 on Patreon which is quite exciting. I’m curious to see how that number plays out for meeting my needs (and yours). Today my fun creation is implanting the sensation of constant arousal and being *almost* there.. almost ready to release and feel soooo good.. but unable to push that extra little bit to orgasm. Doesn’t that sound like a fun place to be?

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Eunoia & Checking the Diary – 28 Sept 2020

Reflecting on last week’s Eunoia, this week’s Eunoia.. a thank you.. etc.

This week’s Eunoia will include conversational hypnosis, nail-biting, phobias, objectifying you (in the nicest of ways!), and a date night… Eunoia runs Monday through Sunday which a loose theme for each week. This week? It’s all about using you (in the nicest of ways!). Probably not for everyone. 😉

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Eunoia and 2 Doors, 1 Choice


Flip a Coin. Use your July/Aug coin token.

The following are shared daydream JOI type of sessions.. one is a bed.. one is a chair. Many of you probably know which is the happiest of happy endings? Or maybe you don’t? Only listen to these in private, please. They’re not for the train.


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Do not forget to do the Querencia (automatic writing) session this week. It is the prequel to an anchor setting session coming up soon’ish.

For those of you who have finished the Private Invitation – the results of it will likely be coming your way this week as well.

Finally, if you want accountability through your week be sure to use your private folder to keep your personal log. I don’t check them daily, but I do look. Of course, your log is about personal accountability for all kinds of habits — it isn’t about creating work for me, is it? Others have decided to keep a To Do list in their folder and checking off progress as they go.

Above all, it is about creating a better you because.. well.. why wouldn’t I want the best?