Wednesday Eunoia – Refresher Sessions – Obedience


Obedience. Isn’t that a lovely word?

I obey. Isn’t that the perfect sentence? (or answer.. or mantra..)

Today’s Eunoia is focused on the priceless gift that you give to me.

I grew up hearing a quote that has been said in different ways, by different people. The idea behind it is knowing who you are by paying attention to what you do that is unseen. I decided to skip the CS Lewis version and share John Wooden instead….

“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are…the true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.”

John Wooden

For a submissive man, that may be holding a pose even when Mistress isn’t there to see him. It could require remaining chaste, even when he isn’t locked. Or perhaps being mindful of those thoughts that can so easily poison a day.

Our relationship is mostly unseen, but you make progress and show your obedience. That speaks highly of your character.

Stickers, mugs, journals, etc. Here.
face of buddhist sculpture in old town

Tuesday Eunoia – Refresher Sessions


Happy December! A new month, almost on a Monday. While this month may seem quieter on the surface, I promise a lot is going on behind the scenes. I’m behind on thank yous, like other notes I prefer to not rush through them. One dear follower sent an exciting assortment of items. He suggested that I could spend time in my tub (with bath bombs), writing notes with spiffy new notecards and pens. I would need to brush off my forniphilia training methods to have that level of productivity in the bath!

I’m thankful that in today’s world, one can admit to being a paper/pen “fan” and it is acceptable. Similar to the deep dive into mechanical keyboards a while back, I know a LOT about different weights of paper in various journals, including which pens ghost or bleed.

I’m sure this love of research is responsible for my skill in ropes, wax, and other methods of play.

male mannequin with red santa hat

Saturday Eunoia – The Party


Today is Christmas Tree day – yay! Anyone else has their tree up? Anyone groaning about a tree going up before December hits? Wish my tree luck with the pup running about.. it should be interesting.

I think it’s also time to hunt down those luscious pics of guys in tree lights, Santa hats, and so on. I love Christmas.

alcohol alcoholic bar blur

Thursday Eunoia – To Drink or Not?


Happy Thanksgiving! For those that don’t celebrate it, you really should try some green bean casserole. It’ll amaze your family and friends.

Thank you for being patient with this week’s hiccups on timing! I’m changing providers and didn’t want to schedule too far in advance… and then, of course, my current provider went down. Next week we will be back to early Eunoia’s which I know is best for those AHEAD in time zones.

I know this week is also a quirky one for many of you. If you find yourself unable to keep up with Eunoia, you can string it all together. Don’t miss Saturday, it has *puzzles*.

aerial shot of maze

Monday Eunoia


Last week’s Eunoia truly hit home with many people. Not only did I get a slew of personal messages (and I’m getting to them.. I swear!) THREE people had amazing personal moments of realisation. You know I don’t have any qualms about breaking out the cane as necessary which offsets my GFD (and CGL) side too, yeah..? So I’m going to gush a moment.

I’m fucking proud of you. Seriously. One of the responses literally brought tears to my eyes because of the genuine breakthrough experienced. I’m not taking credit for this, we know we’re not doing deep therapy here, but something magical happens when you take quiet time for yourself daily. Something indescribable happens when you have someone willing to “hold space” for you to explore in.. safely, without judgement or real direction given. My reward is having those thoughts and feelings freely shared with me. You know a few weeks ago I had a grumpity grump decide to share His Oh So Serious Concerns about The Limits of Online Relationships and Frustrations. What GG doesn’t know, or hasn’t experienced yet, is that my happy harem and myself have managed to find a balance. Haven’t we? Slow, organic growth of SbE is something that seems to puzzle those numbers, monetization, likes/dislikes, CTR, and all that jazz.. because they think THAT is where the tingle comes from and could they ever be MORE wrong?

So a million and one thank yous to those who trust themselves and me enough to allow for this exploration. And kudos to my three last week/weekend that had those breakthroughs. I love your happiness. I love it.

Alright… onward with Eunoia (late, yeah, yeah..) we are going to visit a party. I will be giving disclaimers of the scenes as we go. This is a voyeuristic experience so you will not be finding yourself being milked or shared. (Now I’m wondering who is going to google how to milk a guy….) And if anyone knows of a moonlight garden worth visiting in the UK, let me know! warmly, M. E.