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Eunoia – Santa Baby, Boxing Day edition


Good almost afternoon! I admit, I got so excited about “boxing day” that I forgot about this unscheduled eunoia. I’m one of Those People that seriously loves packing away all of the Christmas stuff and prepping for New Year. Do remember to keep sending in the Naughty & Nice 2021 Words/Phrases. The responses have been quite entertaining!

Boxing day is usually a huge black friday style shopping event here. Prior to that it was about servants getting boxes of gifts. I’m wondering what I could box up that would make for a delightful present for a.. umm.. servant?

person in santa outfit holding a gift box

Monday Eunoia – Good morning!


It is a yet another rainy day here, but I still love a Monday. I’m going to pretend it is “loud snow” and carry on with the day. It helps that it is 7am and still pitch black outside.

How is your final week of Christmas prep? I know a few friends of mine are secretly delighted to be unable to travel to a half dozen different houses for Christmas. I foresee a lot of league being played, or perhaps the new PS5.

Listen to the intro before jumping into this Monday Eunoia.

Love, Mistress.

Wednesday Eunoia – Hibernate Part A and B available now.


Part B is here. (Part A is now public access and is available here.)
Show notes for Hibernate Part B:
As promised, part B. This is the actual sleep hypnosis session. The trigger word being set is “Hibernate” and is directly tied into my voice saying it. No worries about falling over if you are reading a science text or watching a nature documentary. Your only concern will be a random Checking the Diary that somehow has a bit in it about Punxsutawney Phil… but I’ll try to avoid it. Truly. I swear. 

There are two versions, each with the same words but different music. Guess what? Y’all have opinions about music. I do love that you say your *favourites* instead of picking at the other bits. It speaks to your positive nature.

The session ends with instructions to sleep, either for a nap or all night. The music carries on for another ten minutes and fades at the end. Due to the binaural elements in this session, I recommend using headphones.

Session is 45 minutes.. if you last that long.  I have plans for a Part C which will merely be the induction, deepener and trigger used without it being the setting. That will likely be half or so the length of this one — but it is important to use the trigger setting one a few times until it is firmly rooted (punny!). 

Wednesday Eunoia continues on our theme of Contemplation. I will be announcing the LAST bit of homework for 2020 soon.. so keep an eye out for it. It’s going to involve naughty & nice and if you want a head start, mull over a few words you like in both of those categories…

close up photography of gingerbread

Tuesday Eunoia – Contemplation Continued.


I like the feedback, it’s fun to see others like the little twist.

But, man, I need to make my puzzles harder! Some of you seem to be a bit too clever. In other news, Part B is done for our Hibernate session. Fingers crossed it’ll be in your ears later this evening.

Enjoy your Tuesday… go do something creative? Make a gingerbread house or ginger beer or… a ginger smile?

Wednesday Eunoia – Refresher Sessions – Obedience


Obedience. Isn’t that a lovely word?

I obey. Isn’t that the perfect sentence? (or answer.. or mantra..)

Today’s Eunoia is focused on the priceless gift that you give to me.

I grew up hearing a quote that has been said in different ways, by different people. The idea behind it is knowing who you are by paying attention to what you do that is unseen. I decided to skip the CS Lewis version and share John Wooden instead….

“Be more concerned with your character than your reputation, because your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are…the true test of a man’s character is what he does when no one is watching.”

John Wooden

For a submissive man, that may be holding a pose even when Mistress isn’t there to see him. It could require remaining chaste, even when he isn’t locked. Or perhaps being mindful of those thoughts that can so easily poison a day.

Our relationship is mostly unseen, but you make progress and show your obedience. That speaks highly of your character.

Stickers, mugs, journals, etc. Here.
face of buddhist sculpture in old town

Tuesday Eunoia – Refresher Sessions


Happy December! A new month, almost on a Monday. While this month may seem quieter on the surface, I promise a lot is going on behind the scenes. I’m behind on thank yous, like other notes I prefer to not rush through them. One dear follower sent an exciting assortment of items. He suggested that I could spend time in my tub (with bath bombs), writing notes with spiffy new notecards and pens. I would need to brush off my forniphilia training methods to have that level of productivity in the bath!

I’m thankful that in today’s world, one can admit to being a paper/pen “fan” and it is acceptable. Similar to the deep dive into mechanical keyboards a while back, I know a LOT about different weights of paper in various journals, including which pens ghost or bleed.

I’m sure this love of research is responsible for my skill in ropes, wax, and other methods of play.

male mannequin with red santa hat

Saturday Eunoia – The Party


Today is Christmas Tree day – yay! Anyone else has their tree up? Anyone groaning about a tree going up before December hits? Wish my tree luck with the pup running about.. it should be interesting.

I think it’s also time to hunt down those luscious pics of guys in tree lights, Santa hats, and so on. I love Christmas.