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Eunoia – Santa Baby, Boxing Day edition

set of different gift boxes on table

Good almost afternoon! I admit, I got so excited about “boxing day” that I forgot about this unscheduled eunoia. I’m one of Those People that seriously loves packing away all of the Christmas stuff and prepping for New Year. Do remember to keep sending in the Naughty & Nice 2021 Words/Phrases. The responses have been quite entertaining!

Boxing day is usually a huge black friday style shopping event here. Prior to that it was about servants getting boxes of gifts. I’m wondering what I could box up that would make for a delightful present for a.. umm.. servant?

2 thoughts on “Eunoia – Santa Baby, Boxing Day edition

  1. Finally, an explanation of Boxing Day. Since i don’t have access to internet, i couldn’t look it up and so i am thrilled to finally understand. Thank You, Goddess.

    1. You’re welcome! It’s interesting how holidays come to be and gradually change over time.

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