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Wednesday – hypnosis personas and a new poll

selective focus photography of bombay cat

Today there is a new poll up for Patrons to vote on their favourite personas (from the choices allowed). You are (almost) always free to make choices in the conditions of my choosing. It may, or may not, be related to what I have planned for you this weekend.

You can find the poll here

Remember, voting is important. A great way for a submissive man to exercise your almost-right to sometimes choose. This is an FLR, it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun if you had lots of freedom.

We continue to talk about hypnosis personas by digging deeper. And I do like going deeper. Below you will find some comments and questions from my followers. I know some of you are too damn shy to ask for yourself, so maybe you’ll see your question magically asked by someone else? As long as it is *shyness* and not laziness, that’s fine. You’re not allowed to be lazy.

femdom mind control orgy

The Apartment has resulted in many sheets needing to be washed. Oh, wet dreams. Who knew those could pop back up after puberty? Amnesia play is scrumptious when done with someone that you trust. It makes my heart sing that you specifically said you like being seduced. I’m not one of those that just wait to be pursued. Like Athena, I value a good hunt. Unlike Athena, I’d never chosen a life of virginity.

Today’s Eunoia includes homework and a permissive circumstance. Lucky you.

Homework & Feedback

Anon Says:

Do you have younger submissives? How much does age matter to you?

ME – Yes.

Age matters for the 18+ legal issue, otherwise it is all about creativity and love for life. How can I enjoy hypnosis personas with a person lacking an imagination? I also can’t do someone who mopes about their age (either end of the spectrum) nor do I worry much about staying in a certain range. One serious long-term relationship was with a guy quite a bit older. Now, my “in everyday life” loves happen to be about the same age — and younger than I am. It all works out in the end, right?

R Says:

More than a handful of messages, including one from R, are quite similar. This one says “Mistress, I’m begging you, please use me”.

ME – It’s safe to guess that R listened to The Apartment – Mind Control session

Beg more.

I’d like at least a page (handwritten) of begging.

K Says:

K writes: Your words are like oxygen

ME – Thank you.

B Says:

What color boat would you pick?

ME – Red, of course. It feels like the traditional narrowboat colour. It also suits me perfectly. Now I just need a catchy name (and funds!)

Persona homework:

I may not have given enough specifics here earlier so I’ll give it another go. I guess you could say I’ve dabbled with furry fandom but never dove in. I couldn’t say what “fursona” fits me best but if I go with one of those personality quizzes, it pegs me as a Fox as I “ strive to find adventure and entertain my hunger for living life.”

ME – I don’t have a fursona, although I often claim to soak up sunshine like a lizard. Something tells me that spotted skink isn’t likely to be a sexy fun fursona for a weekend of play. They’re not even furry!

Anon Says:

What do you notice about a stranger?

ME – This question popped up in my inbox shortly after I published Violet. I’ve hinted at studying others at the library, cafe, and other similar locations. I’m not a stalker, but I do love watching people.

What I notice first? What they’re carrying. This is sadistic of me and my apologies to those of you who will forever be self-conscious. I love watching those come into the cafe around 9:20am with their laptop bags and “I’m gonna get work done” faces on… only for them to look around the room and realize all of the outlets are taken.

Another Says:

I like many adventures. It helps me explore ideas that might not have occurred to me (CEI, feminization, prostrate play.) If the play is something I am not interested in I know new play is right around the corner.

ME – Perfect response and quite true! I have a love for many types of play and enjoy exploring all of them. I think the hypnosis persona play also allows someone to take on (or discard) a variety of roles.