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September 1st – Restart / Refocus / Reset

crop unrecognizable woman writing goals for upcoming year in notepad

If only it could be Monday. Ah, well.

For some of you, this may be a true beginning with me. For others, it may be a continuation of your growth. And there are the few that need that “restart”.

I’m grateful for my dear Happy Harem and your support throughout this trying summer. Even the little notes checking on my family with Hurricane Ida, etc, mean quite a bit to me. Acts of service through the giving of time is part of my love language – shocking, eh?

Be sure to collect your gift!

I hinted at this in an earlier Eunoia but finally solidified the best way for us to progress through this September. I’m still playing some catching up with my Real Work, but I have a gazillion ideas for SbE that I want to see to fruition. Today’s Eunoia has an HW / PC in it regarding one such project. Send your reply.

So you are going to jump into your fall with a Naughty & Nice Goal Setting and every day that you work towards one of them, you’ll give yourself a point. Write down (digital or electronic) what you did to progress, even small things count as progress, and at the end of the month, you’ll send it my way.

You will be rewarded based on how many days you completed. No fibbing. Got that?

Keeping track can be done with a spreadsheet, napkin, or an artistic endeavour completely with coloured pencils. If you go with non-digital, just snap a pic of it on Sept 30th.

I will share in the first Oct Eunoia what others got up to (anonymous of course!) and the rewards.

–Norton Juster

Here are the rules:

  1. You must write out your N&N goals.
  2. You may NOT tell anyone (not even me!) your goals.
  3. You will keep a daily log of what you’ve done towards the goal (you can do one or both).
  4. If you miss a day or two, you’ll jump back in on the current day.
  5. You will NOT fib. No lying. No cheating. Be honest with both of us!
  6. You must send in your record to me on Sept 30th – based on the London time zone. (yup, srsly).
  7. All participants will receive something, but the thing will vary based on what you’ve done.

Naughty Goal Ideas

  1. Extend your edging goal
  2. Decrease your stamina
  3. Learn a new skill.
  4. Try a new toy or plan for one.
  5. Expand your viewing list.
  6. Write down your fantasies.
  7. Try out a new fantasy.
  8. After orgasm, write down The Thought that pushed you over.

Nice Goal Ideas

  1. Finish 2 books
  2. Start writing a book
  3. Cycle that century
  4. Follow a routine
  5. Eat your veggies
  6. Learn a new skill
  7. Do a daily relaxation, using Eunoia or similar.
  8. Journal for 10 minutes daily