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Femdom Hypno that Captures You Completely

Be the prey in this highly visual, deeply physical femdom hypno trance. You will find yourself back in a familiar place being hunted by an unfamiliar presence.

Perfect for the bondage and breath play enthusiast or anyone that just loves being caught. Dynamic editing and background music guarantee an immersive hypnosis experience. Featuring ASMR whispering that Mistress Elswyth loves to share with you. Come on, little mouse, be brave.

Can’t wait through the short podcast introduction? Instantly download the session here:

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What is your release? – Day 74

PTTFO is available at better than 50% off for the rest of today and tomorrow. Don’t dally.

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Eunoia – Sunday – Deep Abdominal Breathing

If you usually skip the video, you should take the time for this one. I found a few interesting couples and I AM IN LOVE with the one necklace. The dangling charm down the back sells it. I’m just not convinced I could wear it on one of my typical evenings out! And hit the “like” button so YouTube will be all impressed by the numbers.

Happy Sunday! I plan to have an ongoing Sunday breathing session for a while longer. The chatty Eunoia will be returning for a *midweek* check-in. Doing so on Monday is a bit of a trial because it never leaves me enough time to work through messages and such. (And I do like giving praise when it is earned!).

Saturdays will likely continue to be session days. The routine makes all the difference, right? And I looooove the way we can use the PC cards to keep that game rolling. The response to PTTFO is scrumptious, but I’ll save some of that for Wednesday! I have a naughty “under the table” session just waiting to go out. If I have it edited prior to Saturday, I’m sure I can be convinced to give it to my Happy Harem a bit early.