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What is your release? – Day 74

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This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom hypnosis podcast with plenty of triggers and playtime for the right submissive man.

Today is Day 74. Let’s talk… just a bit, about relaxation. About shutting off from the should-dos, must-dos and whatever else coming your way. A lot of you know that one of my pleasurable relaxation things, outside of what you all just thought about, or you know… meditation, or going for a bike ride, or whatever else, it’s… League of Legends.

I am still collecting those LPs and still hoping to keep on going up. I’ve learned a hell of a lot about MMRs, and the evil of MMR issues, when sometimes the people you play with, they just can’t help themselves and pick some wacky choices, to lead to some not so wacky deaths.

So, as you know… that is one of my pleasures, because with League, that’s it. If you’re playing League for 25-30 minutes, you’re pretty focused. You’re not multi-tasking, or looking at tabs, checking your phone, nothing. That’s it.

The other pleasure I’ve found… is that instead of just listening to music, oh… speaking of music, I am still soliciting again, any playlist ideas, they need to be about 45 minutes long. Needs to be music that gets you in the mood to get going. Well, instead of just music or books, or podcasts or whatever, I’ve been watching Netflix, at the gym. I might have confessed this already on the podcast, I know I’ve chatted about it with a few of you.

Yeah, and it was recommended to me to watch Gotham. Now that’s interesting because I do have people in my social circle with a knee-jerk reaction to the fact that I’m watching Gotham. And I didn’t think it would be my thing, but it turns out, it’s kind of my thing. And I do have a favourite character, and you are welcome to try to guess which one it is. I don’t think you’re gonna get it.

But for now, I want you to breathe… and as you breathe in, I want you to feel your sides expand. And then breathe it all out, and start again. With each breath in, I want you to imagine, or perhaps put your hands there, so you can feel, but feel your sides expand.

Breathing in deeply, breathing out fully.

Keep going, in deep, and back out, full.

Keep breathing this way, as you listen to me. Visible. Invisible. A fluctuating charm, an amber coloured amethyst inhabits it. Your arm approaches and it opens and it closes. You had meant to catch it, and it shrivels. You abandon your intent. It opens, and it closes, and you reach for it. The blue surrounding it grows cloudy, and it floats away from you.

Your task for today is to find relaxation. And your Permissive Circumstance, well that activity it doesn’t count as relaxation, but you most definitely can consider it your reward. Let me know what you get up to… oh, and one more thing, let me know what thought pushes you over the edge. You know what I mean… let me know.

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