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Easter Bunny fetish roleplay – Day 73

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This is Spoken by Elswyth, the Femdom Hypnosis podcast with plenty of triggers and playtime for the right submissive man.

Today is Day 73, and I think have the souls in my corner of the world are doing home improvement today. Not just home improvement, but also let’s trim every hedge. Let’s power wash every brick. Let’s make every damn loud noise.

So I’m gonna jump right ahead; your task for today, if you are one of those noise-makers… cut it out. Your Permissive Circumstance; if you’re not one of those noise-makers, you have my permission.

And if you are one of those noise-makers, you have to confess to me, why it is you’re so damn loud, and what it is you’re getting on with. Right? It better be great. It better be great. Bonus points if you include a picture of your project.

You know what else is on my mind, dears, for today? Today is Good Friday, so let’s have a good Friday. This is what I’m wondering… what comes to mind when I tell you that I want my Easter Bunny today? Hmmm? Think it over.

I have at least three outfits in mind that could work perfectly well, so let me tell you about them… and I know, my creative one, that you can add to this.

The first is… well… well maybe the guy that dresses this way is a furry, or will just humour me, but Easter Bunny number one has the fuzzy polyester jumpsuit with the big, pink patch on his tummy, and the big, squishy slippers on his feet, and mitts on his hands. Oh, and the head. The head on top with the long, floppy ears. And I think I can get over my giggling at the guy I’d put in this predicament at least long enough to being the little spoon, in a nice, long cuddle session. I hop bun-bun doesn’t get too hot and bothered.

Now, onto bunny number two. And now this has just brought in mind those, those really old dating shows, where you’d have the contestant… the main person, and then she’s choosing between the three contestants behind the doors. So, on to… bachelor-bunny number two.

And all my maids and sissies are going to favour this one, I’m sure. Because I want… I want the Playboy bunny in the black bodysuit. You know the one, don’t you? You’re going to have to make sure that everything is perfectly tucked away… all those unsightly hairs carefully removed, as well.

And so much bare flesh to worry about. You’re going to have no shoulder straps, the collar and the cuffs of your outfit, they’re mere decorations, but they do have to be white, because there’s something very striking about the starched, white cuffs and the black buttons.

You should feel… you will feel on display, open, maybe vulnerable, maybe just cocky, and very sure of your sexy self. I’m looking forward to, even if faked, hearing your nervous little giggle when you’re in this role.

Bachelor bunny number three… so we have the outfit that could either be very endearing, or terrifying, in different movies. Polyester white bunny suit, big ol’ head, floppy ears, right? That one? We have outfit two, which… that one’s just always sexy, sorry. It’s sex appeal in every which way. There’s no denying it in taking that one the wrong way.

Okay, so… three. Let’s say, a long sleeved, white shirt. Black waistcoat and pressed black trousers. Black and white, leather shoes, and a handy, silver platter, full of easter treats. How does that sound? Would you want to be serving a room with one in it? Intimate, close? Or would you like to be milling about in the room, serving quite a few?

So there it is, three options. Which Easter Bunny are you? Or are you going to delight me, really… make my good day even better, by using that creativity, and coming up with a different bunny. Send it to me, let me know.

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  1. You are right, I prefer the third outfit.

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