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How you’ll know when you’re being seduced – Day 72

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This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast with plenty of triggers and playtime, for the right submissive man.

Today is Day 72. Now I recently had the pleasure of going out with a couple of friends. Now it wasn’t some amazing pub crawl, you know up and down the high street, anything like that… it was just a simple, going out, meeting at a café.

And someone was flirting with one of my friends. And my friend, to their… I don’t know, I guess to their credit, that they were more focused on the conversation that was happening at the table, they didn’t seem to catch that the person next to them, one table over, was really, really into them.

So okay, let’s talk about not so much about flirtation, because I swear I don’t know how people don’t realise when they’re being flirted with, but let’s go a step more. What about begin seduced? I figure I’ll clue you in, I’ll give you a few. You know, just so you will know if you’re being seduced.

After you’re going to have a task to do. Don’t worry, it ties into that Permissive Circumstance.

So let’s take a look at this, my dearest one. The first is this push-and-pull game. No, I’m not talking about the gym, and did you know that’s actually a thing? Push-days, pull-days… I am learning a lot from the helpful gym-bros that hang around at my gym.

Anyway, this push and pull, the feeling like someone is relentlessly flirting with you and interested in you, and constantly there, and then… pulling away, like out of nowhere, just disappearing. Like imagine our Sabriel, right? He’s going about his happy Sabriel life, and this woman in his life just… loves on him, right? Is calling, inviting him out, doing nice things for him and so on, and so forth… and then, poof. She’s gone for a couple of days.

Now, what is our dear Sabriel going to think? There’s another guy? Maybe… and if he’s the competitive type or the jealous type, and you know I don’t play with jealousy but let’s just say… ooh, our Sabriel might step up his game a bit, right? So that particular act of seduction it has its own rewards.

Now in everyday life, in every day relationships… should you toy with the person you care about, like actually toy with their emotions? No… because that is naughty.

Now the other thing is something you’re a bit unlikely to notice. It’s the little, harmless things. The everyday things that are basically working to chip away, to make sure they can lead to bigger things. Now let’s say that you’re being seduced by someone very into Female Led Relationships. You know, Femdom Hypnotist type, or… hypno domme, etcetera.

Now this person they might have you listen to them speak with you often. They might be the one that talks to you and as you fall asleep every night.

They might give you affirmations of all different types, oh… and questions and answers, you know… like innocent things like, “See you later, alligator”, and you reply “In a while, crocodile”. You know, that happens. In the most mundane relationships.

Or things like “Who gives you good things?”, “Who do you obey?”, “How much do you obey me?” You know, stuff like that. It just opens the door to more.

There’s also the thing of the ones that keep you in suspense, right? Predictable… it’s the last word anyone would ever use to describe them. Maybe sometimes it just feels like it’s all over the place. Maybe a little bit of, like… stealing your energy away, because while you’re prepared for scenario A, whoo… the rug gets pulled from under, and you find yourself way up in scenario F. Ever have that happen?

Or you know that seductive trickery, to get in your head all the time, maybe walking past the window of a nicely laid-out furniture store, right… and she just whispers in your ear about how she would love for you to take her in that chair. You would be on bottom of course, I mean it is most practical right? If you’re going to have sex in a chair, I think the guy needs to be on bottom. Oh, well… to be fair, I always think the guy is the bottom.

Or maybe, you know, she sends you screenshots of far away, romantic getaways that she some day wants to visit. Says things like… I can’t wait to have this. Kinda nice, right?

Or perhaps it’s just when the romantic of songs comes on the radio, she says… “I love this song, don’t you?”

Or the most erotic song you can think of comes on the radio, and she says something similar. I mean, that’s pretty straightforward though, there… right? Even you would catch that.

So your task for today is this; I want you to think of another way that you know when you’re being seduced. I love this game.

Now, to add to it… your other task is to go on over and listen to PTTFO. That also counts as your Permissive Circumstance for today. There’s a link to it on the website, or in the show-notes, or however it is that you’re listening to me today.

Oh, and before I go, a very, very warm thank you to those of you who did yesterday’s task. I do appreciate it. I appreciate you.

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