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An Admin Day – Day 71

This is my podcast on the Reason podcast platform.

SbE – Femdom Hypno Transcript

This is Spoken by Elswyth. The Femdom Hypnosis podcast with plenty of triggers and playtime for the right submissive man.

Today is Day 71. I know you enjoyed Day 70 and the newest bit of the Getting Longer session. Well, it’s important to have balance in life, so today it’s an admin day… okay?

So pay attention.

Like you always do.

On the website, when you look, and it says at the top “Sessions”, underneath that it says “Your Downloads”. That means anything you’ve downloaded whether purchased or free and so on, is there. When the next Getting Longer session comes out, mosey on over that way… cowboy boots are optional, but if you’re wearing the cowboy boots I’m gonna have to insist you have either the really nicely broken in jeans, or none.

Which one will it be? How do you imagine yourself moseying over to a website?

Anyway, go there and you can download the newest Getting Longer session. The other stuff, again, will be there… and it will just stay there for however long, so… go ahead, log in, handle your own… you are in charge of handling your own admin for that, from now on.

Now you should have already have something sitting there, at least like the free Beginner Bundle. And if you don’t, why not? I know… I know why some of you don’t. It’s because some of you have been with me well before I started this system, and I love you for it.

Now you have a task, to round out this admin day. But first, I want to say to the person who triggered, great choice of word, right? Reason to contact me to claim my podcast on their platform, thank you for that. Make sure you let me know who you are. That kind of loyalty definitely deserves a reward. And hell, I’ll be ultra-generous, if you can find a podcast directory that I’m not listed on, and send it to me obviously, I will happily think of some kind of a thank-you.

Now you can’t go on like the NFL podcast directory and be like… “Oh… Mistress… where are you? You’re not on this one!” You have to use some common sense, alright?

Okay, so your task is to follow the link that’s in the blog post, the show notes, however you’re hearing me, perhaps even on YouTube, go to Reason, and subscribe. Now even if you never use it, because you listen directly through the website, or you’re on… Spotify, or Pocketcasts, or one of those, that’s totally fine… I just would like to see what happens when you actually have ten followers.

So let’s do that, alright? I wanna hit ten. That should be pretty damn easy.

Okay, let’s go all the way up now to our Permissive Circumstance for today. It is getting close to a holiday, I could make it something like if you haven’t eaten chocolate… but eh, I don’t care if you’ve eaten chocolate today. This is what I care about, alright?

So… take a moment.
Just feel where you are.
Feel how you feel.

Now, think about what you’re wearing. If you’re wearing something that makes you feel a little extra sexy, a little bit like… if there was a naughty demon, sitting over in the corner, and she wanted to try her hands at some succubus hypno, you’re the dude she’s going to pick, right?

So tell me, as part of this Permissive Circumstance, I think you should be open to telling me… what you’re wearing. What has you feeling extra good about my Good Boy today?

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  1. I wear underwear with a clitty pouch. And my inner succubus demon say that it is not sexy, they should be pink. So she ask that I wear a butt plug, next time I need to choose sexyer underwear.

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