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Getting Longer Release 4

This is Spoken by Elswyth, the Femdom Hypnosis Podcast with plenty of triggers and playtime for the right submissive man.

Welcome to Day 70. It’s time. Go on over to the website and download the Getting Longer Session that’s waiting for you there.

As for your Permissive Circumstance, you have my permission, during the session. Do you think you can remember that? After all, your mind it sometimes plays tricks on you.

And speaking of the Getting Longer Session I’ve had some really, really creative ideas coming in for what we should do next season. As you know I used to do a lot of personalised content, but it’s kinda tricky to keep up on that amount of… mostly the editing.

But there is a way to have your happy dreams come true, and it’s to actually send me your idea. Now I don’t mean six words, I don’t mean 60 words, I mean fully fleshing out your idea. I want to know everything from the type of induction you like, confusion, body relaxation, and so on… to what kind of triggers you like, and the story. Now I don’t need every detail, but you know… beginning-middle-end is a place to start. And you may be pleasantly surprised to hear yours come to life.

Even if you’re not a follower, yet… or for some who are unable to join Patreon, just know you are rewarded for being my… hmmm… for being my muse.

Anyway, let’s get back to the present. Maybe you haven’t any of the Getting Longer session yet, well… keep listening, at the end of this podcast I’m going to share the latest instalment. Now remember, for the ones going through the full session, you have the induction, you have the build up, you have… the other bits, all in, leading to this one. And because I, like I said, love to give you good things, and to celebrate getting all the way to 20 minutes, I’m taking 20% off the admission fee for the next week.

Now this doesn’t price it lower than what it was for those who already purchased it, because I can’t reward procrastination, can I? But it is a pretty good kick in the pants to jump in and join in now.

Now and as always my Patreon it is limited to a hundred Happy Harem followers. I have no idea which number we’re sitting at right now. You know, it’s a Monday but it’s still early on a Monday, so I’m getting all my ducks lined up… and because the weather’s nice, they’re really not behaving.

Anyway, enjoy the instalment, and remember… if you’ve been going through the full session, stop listening about now, and make sure you listen to the full session, downloaded off the website, and not just the snippet coming up next.

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