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4.77 Do you want me to steal your mind?

In a hurry? Skip the podcast and download the session here:

A brazen foray into mind control. Ownership. Domination. No holds barred, this session is for the man who craves a deeper level of commitment – and LOVES being surprised.

Pairs perfectly with the Deep Repetition Sessions.

So ask yourself…

Do you want me to steal your mind?


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Eunoia – Petrify – P&P pairs.. plus homework

mistress hypnosis

We have a few quirky predator and prey pairs. A new nickname has been introduced. Plus, homework.

This article snippet has nothing to do with erotic hypnosis, but it does offer an interesting insight into snake charming.

Krause says that although animals seem to respond to what we call music, how can we know what they think? “Birds bob their heads to beats, bonobos played keyboard with Peter Gabriel,” he says, “but we’re ascribing our attributes to animals. Show me animals appearing to enjoy music that aren’t captive, that aren’t looking for something to alleviate the boredom.” Krause says that we learned our music from the natural world, and in a few small pockets of the globe, groups of humans still sing with nature rather than to it. The Kaluli in Papua New Guinea, he says, “mix their voices in with the sounds of the forest, which is how we first learned polyphony”—singing with more than one voice. Snake charming also may have begun this way, singing and dancing with the snake. But that was thousands of years ago, before we knew snakes couldn’t even hear that toodley thing.
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Session: What you think and what I know

femdom sensual hypnosis erotic wet dream trance

Do you feel stuck? (Not the yummy kind of stuck). Stuck in the overthinking of how to submit, how to meditate, how to serve, how to experience pleasure, how to trance,  how to this and how to that… 

The induction for this session requires two hand-held objects. You simply need things that fit into your hands, don’t overthink it. 

woman on the body of water
Photo by Daisa TJ on

This hypnotic meditation is for shedding right/wrong thinking and focuses on:

  • The value of the shared headspace
  • Growing through daily devotions
  • The internal conflict of being tied to traditions
  • Expanding your mind’s boundaries
  • Recharging your personal creativity
  • Returning to the simplicity of us.
  • Aftercare available.
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Introducing Naughty Bunny – Feminization.

My naughty bunny is up to shenanigans (again!). 

Find the complete session here:
OR here:

Experience the sexual hot button of getting caught with Mistress’s fashion magazines. This session sets the stage of a man that is practically begging for Mistress to notice his feminine side. We will dabble in mild scolding, pushed obedience, and the themes of being my mindless man. You will also experience being pampered and accepted within Elswyth’s safe space, our shared reality.

Getting Caught is a trigger setting session with the spoken “naughty bunny” trigger. The trigger is skilfully used to impose a feeling of unease – lower-lip-biting, red-tinged-ears, looking at the floor awkwardness. This trigger phrase will be used throughout this SbE Pillar where my Naughty Bunny is found in all kinds of devilish scenarios. Getting Caught is a trigger setting session with themes of feminisation. This session sets a trigger that brings about a sensation of blush-inducing embarrassment.

The session includes: Hypnotic induction, guided visualisation, mild scolding, mild cursing, sexual arousal, the option of release, and trigger setting. The awakener gives the option of natural sleep or becoming fully awake.
The session does not include: Punishment with sensation play, movement, abandonment threats, name-calling or harsh humiliation.

18+ Only

Length: 45 minutes

Triggers: Naughty Bunny
Themes: Femdom, Feminisation, Feminization, Humiliation, Embarrassment, Orgasm, Permission to Release, FLR

Background Music: Fireside

All participants are encouraged to listen to a safeword setting session prior to any hypnotic sessions. Tunnel of Light is the free version available to all. Castle Keep can be found in the shop or Patreon. Castle Keep is set within Mistress Elswyth’s shared reality.

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Monday Eunoia – Mindful breathing and Mindless Mantras

Our theme this week is the mantras of a Mindless One paired with mindful breathing. (I know.. I know..)

Now, you’re aware that I love the creativity and intelligence in my happy harem. But.. it’s also a wonderful pleasure to take you to the place of mindlessness where you can simply obey and be everything that I desire. This week I decided to join together mindful breathing with mindless affirmations to push our hypno kink desires a little further.
The good news is all of these mantras, and more have been created into a larger, longer (faster, harder?) session to be released as an Early Access on Patreon.

The working title so far is “Affirmations for a Mindless One” – likely it’ll stay that way.

I know I’m supposed to be doing SEO and all that jazz to lure in all of the people I possibly can.. but we know that this is about relationship building. I prefer spending my time interacting with you to digging into the tech side of biz growth.

We’re doing just fine.

I had no idea what to name this one…

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Tuesday Eunoia — A conversation


I’m a little late with today’s Eunoia — those of you AHEAD of London time definitely noticed. I’m sure a few you in the Land of the Brave will have slept through the delay! This week is about naughty musings.. my personal session creation has included quite a few “do whatever pleases you!!” requests and I’m SURE that played a role. I know, I know.. most of you say “do whatever pleases you” yet… it is still different to have a list of limits (very few) and the begging request to push them hard (yum).

I can’t be bothered to do the YouTube video (terrible, eh?) so those poor souls will likely miss on Tuesday and rejoin us on Wednesday. I love creating, I love our relationships, I don’t like a lot of tedious bits. Thank goodness for those who do or else the world would come to a halt.

We have almost hit our 50 on Patreon which is quite exciting. I’m curious to see how that number plays out for meeting my needs (and yours). Today my fun creation is implanting the sensation of constant arousal and being *almost* there.. almost ready to release and feel soooo good.. but unable to push that extra little bit to orgasm. Doesn’t that sound like a fun place to be?

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Eunoia and 2 Doors, 1 Choice


Flip a Coin. Use your July/Aug coin token.

The following are shared daydream JOI type of sessions.. one is a bed.. one is a chair. Many of you probably know which is the happiest of happy endings? Or maybe you don’t? Only listen to these in private, please. They’re not for the train.