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4.77 Do you want me to steal your mind?

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A brazen foray into mind control. Ownership. Domination. No holds barred, this session is for the man who craves a deeper level of commitment – and LOVES being surprised.

Pairs perfectly with the Deep Repetition Sessions.

So ask yourself…

Do you want me to steal your mind?



Today’s episode is a brazen foray into mind control. No holds barred, today’s free session is for the man that craves the discipline that comes with strong femdom hypnosis.

Ask yourself – do you want me to steal your mind?

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Let’s take a quick trip to the inbox just to say hello to the newest Patrons, if you haven’t introduced yourself to me already feel free to do so through the Patron messenger. Also, the Strip Club visualization from last week, it has inspired some decadent story-telling. In a future podcast episode I plan to share those with you… so if you have a story that you want to share, be sure to get it in to me.

Now I did say today’s is all about this strong mind control. Only those femdom hypnosis sessions tame enough for YouTube and the podcast make it on here. The other stuff is on

Now if you have some ideas for how we can expand today’s free session and make it… not suitable for here… let me know. If I end up choosing your idea, you will get a personalized version of the session for free.

The inspiration behind today’s session is a bit of a counterplay to last week’s talk about chasing your happiness, and so on. Today’s session dives into the deep, dark world of femdom hypnosis where the Mistress unapologetically wants your thoughts, feelings, and your body for herself.

This session, it contains trickery, mind control, and the expectation of deep obedience. You are advised to do a safeword setting session prior to this one. And in this session, the trigger set is one that stays with you internally in the form of a green sphere. You bring the green sphere near with your obedience and repeated mantras.

The fans of the Deep Repetition Sessions, you will love the way your practice rewards you again… ah, and again.This is the perfect session to pair with those. And probably find yourself getting an unexpected release.

It’s time now to get ready. Find yourself a comfortable, private spot where you’re unlikely to be interrupted. This is the perfect place to press pause if you need to do so… and then you can return and jump into today’s free session.

[Listen to the podcast to hear what’s in store for you in the session.]

I know you will get lots of pleasure from this new trigger. Be sure to repeat this session at least three times for it to “stick”. This session pairs perfectly with the Deep Repetition sessions that can be found on Be sure to sign up for my mailing list while there, to take full advantage of any freebies and offers going out. 

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