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4.78 JOI for the Masochist (YouTube Edit)

The full and uncensored version of JOI for the Masochist is 20 minutes longer than what you will find here and comes with two versions. One ends with suggestion to sleep, where the music continues a moment longer to allow for an easy transition. The other brings you fully awake. You will receive both sessions.

All versions of JOI for the Masochist feature a new, teasing, fractionation induction for you to experience. I can’t wait to hear what you think of it. This new induction and some fresh extracts from recent sessions are available to Patrons on the Mind Control Fragment Archive.


Hello there. Today’s episode is going to be a full, complete session, but it is an edited version of the JOI session that’s now available on the website; JOI for the Masochist. Now we all know how it went down the last time I tried to put a JOI-themed session out on YouTube, right? If not… go listen to Episode 75, Mistress Tells You What To Do JOI. It went from 40 minutes of all the right fun that you need in your life… which I think a few dozen managed to hear before YouTube yanked it. And then the new version, that is still available, that is about 90 seconds long. It’s whole purpose is it’s just telling you where you can find the JOI session for free on the SpokenByElswyth website.

So we learn and we adapt. I’m taking a different approach today… it will have an induction, the hypno experience, and a full awakener. But instead of censoring the JOI I’m giving you the part that can be posted on here. You can then go to the website to get the full session.

The full session, it comes in two versions. One that leads to sleep, and the other to full awakening. I’ll allow you to make that choice for yourself. Today’s shorter session, it will be posted on the Mind Control Fragment page… where there’s over 40 other fragments to mix and match for your pleasure. Follow the link in the episode description for more information on that.

So the inspiration for today’s episode actually comes from being a bit ambivalent in the past about JOI sessions. I think it’s often a trick to write an interesting JOI session. I have offered you others in the past… the JOI in public, it’s the latest one. It’s a person being told exactly how to pleasure himself while listening to a story about some fun in a restaurant. The Bed or The Chair, that one is an older session… it’s currently not available, although I do know that some of you own that one. I’m currently re-doing parts of it. There’s also the HFO-JOI Breathy one, Breath Play. And I found it interesting that as I was going through and… seeing which ones I had that could be labelled at JOI, that over the last couple of days, that particular session has had a pretty big uptick in popularity. So if you are one of the ones who recently picked up the HFO-JOI, let me know what you think of it. And also let me know how you heard about it.

And there’s also the one that is for like… Prissy. That session, that is not about self improvement for Prissy, or even about training… Maid Training, it’s the tale of how my Sissy Maid and I go about our sunday morning routine. With every teasing and humiliating thought that I could squeeze into it. You get to hear a laundry list of surprises, and you’ll likely squirm at quite a few of them… and then Prissy’s chores end with an opportunity to find release.

So that one is not actually a pure JOI session. But… you do get to hear, in excruciating detail, the circumstances of Prissy’s brief release from chastity.

Now as you can tell… the JOI experience isn’t just about telling you what to do, how fast to do it, when to finish, and all that. I really want to entice your entire sensory self with the experience. And… honestly, I want to have fun myself. I like to write things that I enjoy writing. And reading. And sharing with you. This is a shared headspace, after all.

So for this JOI. This edited version of a JOI that you’re about to experience… instead of hiding in a restaurant booth or being subjected to a choice, the setting… it’s one that’s almost every masochist’s dream. You are instructed to… entertain yourself as I entertain myself with a delightful selection of toys including a crop, a bamboo cane, and… shockingly enough, my hand.

There’s a romantic notion of spanking a willing bottom with a hand that kind-of wears off quickly when it starts to sting. Sting my hand, that is. I’m more into the sadist part, than the masochist experience. So my hand, it does start to sting after a while… but I’ve made an exception in this experience. Sound fun? I sure think so.

So find a spot where you’re unlikely to be interrupted and we’ll get started after I send out a few quick Thank Yous.

I have been delightfully spoiled… and not just myself but also one of my little precious doggos. Thank you for sending along the little cave bed. It didn’t take long for it to turn into a favorite. And also to my dear P, thank you for the set that I need for my travels. I absolutely love this backpack. I’d borrowed it before, from a friend, for going on a weekend trip and realized that I needed it in my life. So the backpack gets to be my companion and thought of you will also be coming with me.

And don’t forget that one had a special Thank You from me attached to it… so go ahead and send me your request for that five minute audio. Also a thank you goes out to R, who plays a role in making sure I can stay organized on my trip. I think packing cubes are one of those things that people scoff at until the use… and then the realize they’re fantastic. The hair combs are also lovely. Absolutely perfect.

Okay, so… with the nice Thank Yous out of the way, get ready to have your bottom warmed and your mind relaxed. Let’s get started on the JOI for the Masochist. The edited version.

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