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Eunoia – Petrify – P&P pairs.. plus homework

mistress hypnosis

We have a few quirky predator and prey pairs. A new nickname has been introduced. Plus, homework.

This article snippet has nothing to do with erotic hypnosis, but it does offer an interesting insight into snake charming.

Krause says that although animals seem to respond to what we call music, how can we know what they think? “Birds bob their heads to beats, bonobos played keyboard with Peter Gabriel,” he says, “but we’re ascribing our attributes to animals. Show me animals appearing to enjoy music that aren’t captive, that aren’t looking for something to alleviate the boredom.” Krause says that we learned our music from the natural world, and in a few small pockets of the globe, groups of humans still sing with nature rather than to it. The Kaluli in Papua New Guinea, he says, “mix their voices in with the sounds of the forest, which is how we first learned polyphony”—singing with more than one voice. Snake charming also may have begun this way, singing and dancing with the snake. But that was thousands of years ago, before we knew snakes couldn’t even hear that toodley thing.
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Eunoia – Try anything (even astral projection?)

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Don’t worry, today’s Eunoia won’t whisk you away without your consent. I do hope that it introduces an intriguing idea. Plus, I love hearing about your daring adventures and what new thing you’d like to try — either in everyday life or our shared headspace.

What You Think and What I Know is out into the public now. I believe it was released on Patreon around mid-Feb. It is also about trying new things. I bet that you haven’t spent nearly enough time working out what you think. For example, when I talk about meditation to someone new they often think of peaceful spa music, a minimalist room, and sitting in a certain way.

That leads to the following thoughts — I don’t have time for that, I am not the “right person” to do that, my room/life is too cluttered for that, or (worse) I’ll try that when _____ <— here you can insert any ____ that you want to happen yet know it is unlikely to happen.

If I lived on a beachfront (warm please, with sand, not pebbles!) I’d probably spend longer meditating because I’d be surrounded by the sound, smell, feel, etc that encourages stillness. Today’s quiet time for me happened in a somewhat cluttered bedroom as I knew I needed that grounding time – yet also need to finish Konmari’ing(ish) my wardrobe as we slowly get to spring here. So in the midst of winter gear – rain gear – and assorted scarves I took my devotional time.

seductive sensual mistress wardrobe
This is not my closet – M. E.

I asked a few friends – everyday life ones and long distance relationships – where they find that stillness. Bunny cycles and usually stops along his route in a scenic place. Two of my childhood girlfriends immediately said: “the shower” and other replies included the kitchen while waiting on the kettle (or coffeepot), walk to work, and only one has a specific pillow/rug with a devoted altar area. Their alter is a small table with objects that change depending on the season or their needs. They’re also living the slow life in a van as they gave up their city flat during lockdown.

So give up on being perfect in this area. Take it when you can, however, you can and know that your hypnotic journey is improved by the daily devotion time. Your life in other areas also improves.. but I have some naughtiness coming your way, so this is mostly about honing your skill for our hedonistic pleasures.

So where is your quiet place for our daily devotion time?

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March 5th Eunoia – Discipline

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Warm and happy feelings filled me when I woke this morning (and, no, it wasn’t just about the orgasm(s))..

I have set my bedroom Alexa to a routine that hits all the right notes. The discipline of waking early, usually just before the sunrise, has always boosted my creativity. The challenge is keeping discipline during a topsy turvy time in the world. But we also know discipline can mean many things, both naughty and nice…

For the curious ones – my routine has a bit o’ whimsy (random greeting), bit o’ useful (BBC headlines), and bit o’ joy (a certain song). The light is set to mimic a sunrise, although it’s getting brighter earlier at my latitude. By the time that is done, all melatonin has washed away and I’m ready.

I’m not a pollyanna, not every day is sunshine and roses. There are days when the thoughts try to creep in faster than my emotional mental defense can shove ’em on out. Usually I can slow down and work out just *why* that is and there’s something to be said for saying “I feel like a crab ass. I have no reason to be a crab ass”. It helps me get on with life.

A habit of mine is to adopt new habits (ha) on special days. I’m rarely one for New Years resolutions because, well, I feel like New Years is still a day for fun and January is resetting time on its own. But I’ve been known to use a friend’s birthday to give up sugar (usually from one friend’s birthday to another). Or use an obscure holiday as the kick-off for daily writing for a month. I’ve even used an equinox as the start date for learning a new piece of music.

My confession is this, I have major dislike for days blurring together and feeling like time has been lost or forgotten. Being on auto-pilot doesn’t work for me even though I do love the discipline of certain routines. They don’t create an autopilot zombie state for me which I think is something others might fear — I mean, outside of fun-fun-fun hypno playtimes.

Quite a few of my happy harem dears have habit trackers and goals. I know there is a deep urge for discipline and accountability. It is a pleasure to be privvy to those goals and see that progress. And it doesn’t have to be the typical shit that people pick, does it? Learn that song, gain that League rank, finish that java class, write that email, start more conversations, sketch a leaf a day, etc.. You’re not stuck. There’s no reason you need to choose from the mundane list because, my dear, you are not mundane. I know this. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have a love for the different, the out of the box. So don’t think of discipline or goals in the way others do. Move beyond.

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Tuesday Eunoia – Colour Concentration Continues…

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Don’t look it up, pretend this is a pub quiz and you’re *not* cheating on it..

Any guesses to where the word comes from? What it might mean? What images does it conjur up for you?

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“The phrase and the day and the scene harmonized in a chord. Words. Was it their colours? He allowed them to glow and fade, hue after hue: sunrise gold, the russet and green of apple orchards, azure of waves, the grey fringed fleece of clouds. No, it was not their colours: it was the poise and balance of the period itself. Did he then love the rhythmic rise and fall of words better than their associations of legend and colour? Or was it that, being as weak of sight as he was shy of mind, he drew less pleasure from the reflection of the glowing sensible world through the prism of a language many-coloured and richly storied than from the contemplation of an inner world of individual emotions mirrored perfectly in a lucid supple periodic prose?”

James Joyce (have you read his love letters?)
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Monday Eunoia

aerial shot of maze

Last week’s Eunoia truly hit home with many people. Not only did I get a slew of personal messages (and I’m getting to them.. I swear!) THREE people had amazing personal moments of realisation. You know I don’t have any qualms about breaking out the cane as necessary which offsets my GFD (and CGL) side too, yeah..? So I’m going to gush a moment.

I’m fucking proud of you. Seriously. One of the responses literally brought tears to my eyes because of the genuine breakthrough experienced. I’m not taking credit for this, we know we’re not doing deep therapy here, but something magical happens when you take quiet time for yourself daily. Something indescribable happens when you have someone willing to “hold space” for you to explore in.. safely, without judgement or real direction given. My reward is having those thoughts and feelings freely shared with me. You know a few weeks ago I had a grumpity grump decide to share His Oh So Serious Concerns about The Limits of Online Relationships and Frustrations. What GG doesn’t know, or hasn’t experienced yet, is that my happy harem and myself have managed to find a balance. Haven’t we? Slow, organic growth of SbE is something that seems to puzzle those numbers, monetization, likes/dislikes, CTR, and all that jazz.. because they think THAT is where the tingle comes from and could they ever be MORE wrong?

So a million and one thank yous to those who trust themselves and me enough to allow for this exploration. And kudos to my three last week/weekend that had those breakthroughs. I love your happiness. I love it.

Alright… onward with Eunoia (late, yeah, yeah..) we are going to visit a party. I will be giving disclaimers of the scenes as we go. This is a voyeuristic experience so you will not be finding yourself being milked or shared. (Now I’m wondering who is going to google how to milk a guy….) And if anyone knows of a moonlight garden worth visiting in the UK, let me know! warmly, M. E.