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March 5th Eunoia – Discipline

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Warm and happy feelings filled me when I woke this morning (and, no, it wasn’t just about the orgasm(s))..

I have set my bedroom Alexa to a routine that hits all the right notes. The discipline of waking early, usually just before the sunrise, has always boosted my creativity. The challenge is keeping discipline during a topsy turvy time in the world. But we also know discipline can mean many things, both naughty and nice…

For the curious ones – my routine has a bit o’ whimsy (random greeting), bit o’ useful (BBC headlines), and bit o’ joy (a certain song). The light is set to mimic a sunrise, although it’s getting brighter earlier at my latitude. By the time that is done, all melatonin has washed away and I’m ready.

I’m not a pollyanna, not every day is sunshine and roses. There are days when the thoughts try to creep in faster than my emotional mental defense can shove ’em on out. Usually I can slow down and work out just *why* that is and there’s something to be said for saying “I feel like a crab ass. I have no reason to be a crab ass”. It helps me get on with life.

A habit of mine is to adopt new habits (ha) on special days. I’m rarely one for New Years resolutions because, well, I feel like New Years is still a day for fun and January is resetting time on its own. But I’ve been known to use a friend’s birthday to give up sugar (usually from one friend’s birthday to another). Or use an obscure holiday as the kick-off for daily writing for a month. I’ve even used an equinox as the start date for learning a new piece of music.

My confession is this, I have major dislike for days blurring together and feeling like time has been lost or forgotten. Being on auto-pilot doesn’t work for me even though I do love the discipline of certain routines. They don’t create an autopilot zombie state for me which I think is something others might fear — I mean, outside of fun-fun-fun hypno playtimes.

Quite a few of my happy harem dears have habit trackers and goals. I know there is a deep urge for discipline and accountability. It is a pleasure to be privvy to those goals and see that progress. And it doesn’t have to be the typical shit that people pick, does it? Learn that song, gain that League rank, finish that java class, write that email, start more conversations, sketch a leaf a day, etc.. You’re not stuck. There’s no reason you need to choose from the mundane list because, my dear, you are not mundane. I know this. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t have a love for the different, the out of the box. So don’t think of discipline or goals in the way others do. Move beyond.