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Eunoia – Petrify – P&P pairs.. plus homework

mistress hypnosis

We have a few quirky predator and prey pairs. A new nickname has been introduced. Plus, homework.

This article snippet has nothing to do with erotic hypnosis, but it does offer an interesting insight into snake charming.

Krause says that although animals seem to respond to what we call music, how can we know what they think? “Birds bob their heads to beats, bonobos played keyboard with Peter Gabriel,” he says, “but we’re ascribing our attributes to animals. Show me animals appearing to enjoy music that aren’t captive, that aren’t looking for something to alleviate the boredom.” Krause says that we learned our music from the natural world, and in a few small pockets of the globe, groups of humans still sing with nature rather than to it. The Kaluli in Papua New Guinea, he says, “mix their voices in with the sounds of the forest, which is how we first learned polyphony”—singing with more than one voice. Snake charming also may have begun this way, singing and dancing with the snake. But that was thousands of years ago, before we knew snakes couldn’t even hear that toodley thing.
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Eunoia: Ways to define RESTRAINT – Our WotD.

wild fluffy fox on snowy ground in winter

It’s halfway through March and I’m enjoying our words. Much like the personalised hypnosis sleep sessions, I love the peek into your mind. The reasons behind the word choices have as much variety as the words themselves…

But restraint is a POPULAR choice. It came up more than once.

The predator and prey combos are fantastic and I’ll be sharing a few of them in tomorrow’s Eunoia.

For today, I’ll be returning to my hunt for a new monitor and delving into maid training.

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Sunday Eunoia – Together – Review the Week

fill the frame photography of green tree

Like most Sundays, we review and recharge together. For Mistress hypnosis, it is important to create connections of trust and togetherness. It also helps to practice using that brilliant imagination of yours as you condition yourself to the sound of my voice.

It has been a wacky weekend of missing audio. Thanks to my lovelies who are always happy to (kindly) give me a heads up. I think it’s about time we just find an island and all move there instead of using tech. A warm island. Real sand. No snakes.

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Eunoia: Sensual AND a new hypnotic HFO session..

sensual hypnodomme

I’ll have more information later today regarding the new hypnotic HFO session being released. For those of you listening to this on the podcast, visit the website and skip to the end of the video to see your To-Do. There is homework to finish before you can experience Bound for Release. The good news? I’m guessing quite a few of you have already done it!

The personalised sleep hypnosis sessions continue to be a joy. There’s a teensy weensy temptation there to toy with a few Happy Harem members, but I’ve resisted (so far!).

I’m toying around with a few video ideas for making my YouTube experience enjoyable. Y’all know that I enjoy my chats with you, your personal folders (pics, accountability, etc..) and creating these connections. I don’t enjoy the admin. Begrudgingly, I admit, many do find me via YouTube so I’ll continue there. I need a way to make it less admin and more merrymaking.

I’ve put a poll/post on Patreon asking where we should go for the next Eunoia. If you have a weekly theme idea, make sure you share it. You can do it via the anonymous form if you’re truly feeling shy.

Finally, the shop has been updated to allow for world-wide purchases. If there’s something I dislike more than youtube admin, it is definitely shop/sales drudgery. But this woman deserves a canal boat so I’ve been putting on my “fuck yes go for it”* music and pushing through the doldrums.

Enjoy your day. Watch out for people hidden in alcoves, that bit G2 yesterday. Anyone else catch it?



The video has been fixed to include sound.

* a lot of the music has been recommended by you. Thanks!

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Eunoia Naughty & Nice Goal Words: Pride

left fist

I decided to toy around with a few visuals to go with Eunoia. Usually, your eyes are closed, but for those who want another focus, this will do the trick. If you listen via the podcast, visit SbE to see the video).

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Eunoia – Evanescent (and Psychrophilia)

erotic goddess hypnosis bdsm

Throughout SbE I have steadily increased my list of fetish words. I’ve also steadily increased the number of things on my “not my fetish” list.

The sleep hypnosis sessions will be rolling along soon. I’m going through them one-by-one to keep the surprise alive and it’s fantastic. A few of you simply love falling asleep to the naughtiest of thoughts. Wet dream material. But LOTS of you love water and using it as your dream foundation. Private islands in the middle of the ocean, gentle streams, and a couple of childhood swimming holes.

If you haven’t requested your personalised reward yet, hurry it up and do so here:

Interested in exploring lucid dreaming?

Cultivate the skill of lucid dreaming and change your nights.

Disclaimer: Some people experience an uptick in sleep paralysis episodes when the practice lucid dreaming. Please be sure this file is right for you before using it. Have questions? Ask me.

A study documented the number of people who experienced lucid dreaming, plus the duration/etc. It is a great read if you enjoy that kind of thing (I do!): Definitely scroll down to Lucid Dreaming Features.

With the emergence of a digital lifestyle in rich countries and hyper-realistic video games, it became obvious to an ever-increasing amount of people that LD is the ultimate form of immersive experience. Indeed, it offers a (free) unique and fantastic world in which everything may become possible or controllable and feels real without putting the dreamer at risk. These characteristics of fantastic sensory and emotional experience make lucid dreaming indubitably highly desirable (e.g., Stumbrys et al., 2014).

Happy Thursday.


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Eunoia – Pleasure Tool Moderation

femdom erotic hypnosis

Today’s word was submitted by a follower who feels he often teeter-totters between obsession and apathy. If there is enough interest in a mostly-vanilla session dealing with that topic, I’ll do one for you. Quite a few exist for help with ADHD which can have those obsessive/apathy moments.

There’s nothing wrong with passion, but if it means feeling apathy towards your daily responsibilities it may require a shift. 

And, well, before you think this session is all about serious topics let me just say.. It includes a bit about death grip and possibly a very grown-up word. – Mistress Elswyth

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Eunoia – Try anything (even astral projection?)

erotic hypnosis recordings

Don’t worry, today’s Eunoia won’t whisk you away without your consent. I do hope that it introduces an intriguing idea. Plus, I love hearing about your daring adventures and what new thing you’d like to try — either in everyday life or our shared headspace.

What You Think and What I Know is out into the public now. I believe it was released on Patreon around mid-Feb. It is also about trying new things. I bet that you haven’t spent nearly enough time working out what you think. For example, when I talk about meditation to someone new they often think of peaceful spa music, a minimalist room, and sitting in a certain way.

That leads to the following thoughts — I don’t have time for that, I am not the “right person” to do that, my room/life is too cluttered for that, or (worse) I’ll try that when _____ <— here you can insert any ____ that you want to happen yet know it is unlikely to happen.

If I lived on a beachfront (warm please, with sand, not pebbles!) I’d probably spend longer meditating because I’d be surrounded by the sound, smell, feel, etc that encourages stillness. Today’s quiet time for me happened in a somewhat cluttered bedroom as I knew I needed that grounding time – yet also need to finish Konmari’ing(ish) my wardrobe as we slowly get to spring here. So in the midst of winter gear – rain gear – and assorted scarves I took my devotional time.

seductive sensual mistress wardrobe
This is not my closet – M. E.

I asked a few friends – everyday life ones and long distance relationships – where they find that stillness. Bunny cycles and usually stops along his route in a scenic place. Two of my childhood girlfriends immediately said: “the shower” and other replies included the kitchen while waiting on the kettle (or coffeepot), walk to work, and only one has a specific pillow/rug with a devoted altar area. Their alter is a small table with objects that change depending on the season or their needs. They’re also living the slow life in a van as they gave up their city flat during lockdown.

So give up on being perfect in this area. Take it when you can, however, you can and know that your hypnotic journey is improved by the daily devotion time. Your life in other areas also improves.. but I have some naughtiness coming your way, so this is mostly about honing your skill for our hedonistic pleasures.

So where is your quiet place for our daily devotion time?

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March 1st Eunoia

femdom hypnosis goddess worship

For March, we are using vibrations and meditations to focus on our naughty and nice words.

Do you remember those? At the end of 2020, I asked for you to share goal words or phrases with me but required you to send one of each. The response has been fantastic and they continue to trickle in.

Each day, you will be reminded to sit in the same way. If you are unable to do so, simply imagine yourself in that position. You do have a marvellous imagination. I should know, I help fuel it.

I will also ask that you hum. Now, if you’re in a place where you’re unable to make any noise that’s fine. You and I know that you’ll find a time in your day. After all, it’s not as if humming is something to hide. People do it all of the time, but you will be humming for a purpose.

And.. for those that love it, you will find permissive circumstances sprinkled throughout like unexpected, yet welcome, spring showers. Permissive circumstance refers to meeting a requirement to get *ahem* “release”. Different situations, stipulations and other whimsy things will be set out for you.

After the spoken word, there is a short period of music to use for reflection. This month’s Eunoia has no bell tone, instead, the fading of the music is your cue to wrap up your devotion time.

Subscribe so you don’t miss future sessions, like because it’s polite, and comment to let me know how you’re getting on (and, y’know, if you met the permissive circumstance).