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What is humiliation play? Eunoia May 13

red and white makeup brush

Don’t worry, the upcoming sessions are not only humiliation based. I have a backlog of sessions to record, but I’m stuck with this damn stuffy nose that refuses to go away! Anyway. It just means more fun in the upcoming weeks.

The plan is to record a new Naughty Bunny (Sabriel style) and have it out this weekend. I also have two non-kink sessions that I want to share with you. I know the one will be well-received by quite a few followers.

For those that celebrate, Happy Eid! I’m trying my hand at kanufe (it has so many spellings) today. I couldn’t find the dye, so I’m going American style and adding yellow/orange. The dessert is a mix of philo dough (chopped) and different cheeses. The best part about living in the UK is the wide range of foods available here that my small town America didn’t offer up.

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Eunoia: Sensual AND a new hypnotic HFO session..

sensual hypnodomme

I’ll have more information later today regarding the new hypnotic HFO session being released. For those of you listening to this on the podcast, visit the website and skip to the end of the video to see your To-Do. There is homework to finish before you can experience Bound for Release. The good news? I’m guessing quite a few of you have already done it!

The personalised sleep hypnosis sessions continue to be a joy. There’s a teensy weensy temptation there to toy with a few Happy Harem members, but I’ve resisted (so far!).

I’m toying around with a few video ideas for making my YouTube experience enjoyable. Y’all know that I enjoy my chats with you, your personal folders (pics, accountability, etc..) and creating these connections. I don’t enjoy the admin. Begrudgingly, I admit, many do find me via YouTube so I’ll continue there. I need a way to make it less admin and more merrymaking.

I’ve put a poll/post on Patreon asking where we should go for the next Eunoia. If you have a weekly theme idea, make sure you share it. You can do it via the anonymous form if you’re truly feeling shy.

Finally, the shop has been updated to allow for world-wide purchases. If there’s something I dislike more than youtube admin, it is definitely shop/sales drudgery. But this woman deserves a canal boat so I’ve been putting on my “fuck yes go for it”* music and pushing through the doldrums.

Enjoy your day. Watch out for people hidden in alcoves, that bit G2 yesterday. Anyone else catch it?



The video has been fixed to include sound.

* a lot of the music has been recommended by you. Thanks!