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Eunoia – Eudemonia and Extra Homework

statuette of elephant and hippopotamus on windowsill

Today is the last day of the month, and the last of our Naughty/Nice words for March. Did you catch your word over the last month? If not, you might hear it pop up as we move onto another theme.

If you came to this page from YouTube or your favourite podcast app, the link and an audio explanation of today’s homework can be found here:

Your Homework

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Eunoia – Edify

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Today Eunoia includes:

A Q&A session involving a couple of my “first times”. The first time I topped someone, plus the first time I hypnotized a person. The anon contact form has been getting quite a bit of use!

No permissive circumstance or homework, but I explain why.

If you missed yesterday, go back and do the Persona form. Let’s build on this femdom hypnosis together. Our April Eunoia is going to be an interesting *shared* exploration. Faithful followers continue to do their homework and provide input, I love this kind of relationship-building (the kind where I’m still in charge).

Plus, I’m using this feedback to plan the next loyalty reward. The personalized sleep hypnosis sessions continue to get edited and sent… I’ll need SOMETHING intimate to do after that, right? A good excuse for you to share those thoughts and feelings with your Mistress.

Lemon convincer
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Eunoia – Commitment and a Question

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In today’s Eunoia we cover commitment, democracy, and humming your intention.

Your permissive circumstance is intertwined with your homework for today. If you dream about using hypnosis to step into the role of someone else, exploring another reality as a different person (or non-person.. woof).. you’ve met today’s permissive circumstance. BUT! You must, simply must, do your homework before doing your handiwork.

USE the form, do NOT send an email/message.

If you have zero desire to adopt a persona, include it too. You won’t meet the PC, but you will show you’re obedience to completing your homework.

Feel free to submit multiple answers and be specific.

“Playful kitten for a day, keeping Empress company”


For example “maid” can be – “humiliated sissy maid” or “shameless outgoing french maid” or even “useful Lady’s maid – proper and demure, my Lady’s constant companion”.


“Trained slave” can be “regularly shown off hypnoslave that serves Mistress and her friends” or “trained slave that visits my Queen on the weekends but we kept is private” or “trained slave that doesn’t know he is one because Mistress erases his memory over and over”

The Form

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Eunoia – Recapitulation and Time Travel?

shallow focus of clear hourglass

At her usual time, Alexa gave me a random good morning greeting and started in on the news. It was still dark. This is how I remembered the UK time shift this weekend. I prefer waking up to sunshine. How do you handle time shifts? And will they EVER end it?

Today is Sunday and it is our together day.

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Eunoia – Transcend and Meatloaf – plus, a poll!

white baseball ball on brown leather baseball mitt

Today’s Eunoia includes a question from a follower regarding personal circumstances. Everyone is able to vote in the poll, it is public access on Patreon. Correction — that one is only available to Patrons, I didn’t realise Patreon doesn’t allow public polls.

New open-access poll:

But much like the state of .. oh, wait.. That’s politics. I’ll skip it. Let’s just say, the final decision rests with me, I just want to see what *others* think. I bet you do too.

Eunoia’s format is shifting. Thank you to my dear ones who share their polite, constructive notes with me. I have willing volunteers to discuss maid training, affirmations, personal growth ideas, and the format of Spoken by Elswyth.

As you know, this isn’t my full-time job and it is my goal to continue to make it never feel like a job at all. The feedback I’ve received on structure allows for a consistent feel to Eunoia. What started off as a couple of minutes of focused time has evolved into this goodwill between us, an open conversation, and I want to keep it that way.

With that said, Eunoia will have defined parts. We will always begin with the preamble for shoutouts, answers, and updates. This is followed by time to prepare yourself for our daily devotion and a one minute period of quiet. We’ll wrap up with any homework or permissive circumstances to make it easier for you to get onto that busy – or pleasurable – post-Eunoia bit. 

 After we’ve wrapped up our March, I’m using the beginning part of April to put into place a clever idea given to me by a follower. Previously I tried to stick to one theme per week, but that can be limiting. Instead, we will follow thoughts where they take us. Eunoia will be recorded one day in advance so it’s scheduled to be up early for those AHEAD in the time zones.

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Eunoia – Euphoria and Orgasm Control

close up of tree against sky

Remember our permissive circumstances? Today’s session includes an unlikely (yet fun!) one.

If you’re new or need a refresher The Rules can be found here.

If you’d like to mess with your fellow Happy Harem, send me your ideas for permissive circumstances to weave into Eunoia. I won’t tell you what DAY I plan to use it, but at least you’ll be able to anticipate a few.. right?

Send it to me privately.

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Eunoia: Ways to define RESTRAINT – Our WotD.

wild fluffy fox on snowy ground in winter

It’s halfway through March and I’m enjoying our words. Much like the personalised hypnosis sleep sessions, I love the peek into your mind. The reasons behind the word choices have as much variety as the words themselves…

But restraint is a POPULAR choice. It came up more than once.

The predator and prey combos are fantastic and I’ll be sharing a few of them in tomorrow’s Eunoia.

For today, I’ll be returning to my hunt for a new monitor and delving into maid training.

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Sunday Eunoia – Together – Review the Week

fill the frame photography of green tree

Like most Sundays, we review and recharge together. For Mistress hypnosis, it is important to create connections of trust and togetherness. It also helps to practice using that brilliant imagination of yours as you condition yourself to the sound of my voice.

It has been a wacky weekend of missing audio. Thanks to my lovelies who are always happy to (kindly) give me a heads up. I think it’s about time we just find an island and all move there instead of using tech. A warm island. Real sand. No snakes.

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Eunoia – Evanescent (and Psychrophilia)

erotic goddess hypnosis bdsm

Throughout SbE I have steadily increased my list of fetish words. I’ve also steadily increased the number of things on my “not my fetish” list.

The sleep hypnosis sessions will be rolling along soon. I’m going through them one-by-one to keep the surprise alive and it’s fantastic. A few of you simply love falling asleep to the naughtiest of thoughts. Wet dream material. But LOTS of you love water and using it as your dream foundation. Private islands in the middle of the ocean, gentle streams, and a couple of childhood swimming holes.

If you haven’t requested your personalised reward yet, hurry it up and do so here:

Interested in exploring lucid dreaming?

Cultivate the skill of lucid dreaming and change your nights.

Disclaimer: Some people experience an uptick in sleep paralysis episodes when the practice lucid dreaming. Please be sure this file is right for you before using it. Have questions? Ask me.

A study documented the number of people who experienced lucid dreaming, plus the duration/etc. It is a great read if you enjoy that kind of thing (I do!): Definitely scroll down to Lucid Dreaming Features.

With the emergence of a digital lifestyle in rich countries and hyper-realistic video games, it became obvious to an ever-increasing amount of people that LD is the ultimate form of immersive experience. Indeed, it offers a (free) unique and fantastic world in which everything may become possible or controllable and feels real without putting the dreamer at risk. These characteristics of fantastic sensory and emotional experience make lucid dreaming indubitably highly desirable (e.g., Stumbrys et al., 2014).

Happy Thursday.