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Eunoia – Edify

brown rope tangled and formed into heart shape on brown wooden rail

Today Eunoia includes:

A Q&A session involving a couple of my “first times”. The first time I topped someone, plus the first time I hypnotized a person. The anon contact form has been getting quite a bit of use!

No permissive circumstance or homework, but I explain why.

If you missed yesterday, go back and do the Persona form. Let’s build on this femdom hypnosis together. Our April Eunoia is going to be an interesting *shared* exploration. Faithful followers continue to do their homework and provide input, I love this kind of relationship-building (the kind where I’m still in charge).

Plus, I’m using this feedback to plan the next loyalty reward. The personalized sleep hypnosis sessions continue to get edited and sent… I’ll need SOMETHING intimate to do after that, right? A good excuse for you to share those thoughts and feelings with your Mistress.

Lemon convincer

3 thoughts on “Eunoia – Edify

  1. Dear Mistress,
    I stumbled upon the Quickie convincer on YouTube a couple days ago.
    It was amazingly convincing, and your beautiful wickedness made me grin & laugh a little bit. 💛

    1. Thanks Bunnie!

  2. Lay me down your Metamorphic rock
    Build upon me your splendid Palace
    Decorated adorned each gilded block
    Within these walls resides no malice

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