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Eunoia – Transcend and Meatloaf – plus, a poll!

white baseball ball on brown leather baseball mitt

Today’s Eunoia includes a question from a follower regarding personal circumstances. Everyone is able to vote in the poll, it is public access on Patreon. Correction — that one is only available to Patrons, I didn’t realise Patreon doesn’t allow public polls.

New open-access poll:

But much like the state of .. oh, wait.. That’s politics. I’ll skip it. Let’s just say, the final decision rests with me, I just want to see what *others* think. I bet you do too.

Eunoia’s format is shifting. Thank you to my dear ones who share their polite, constructive notes with me. I have willing volunteers to discuss maid training, affirmations, personal growth ideas, and the format of Spoken by Elswyth.

As you know, this isn’t my full-time job and it is my goal to continue to make it never feel like a job at all. The feedback I’ve received on structure allows for a consistent feel to Eunoia. What started off as a couple of minutes of focused time has evolved into this goodwill between us, an open conversation, and I want to keep it that way.

With that said, Eunoia will have defined parts. We will always begin with the preamble for shoutouts, answers, and updates. This is followed by time to prepare yourself for our daily devotion and a one minute period of quiet. We’ll wrap up with any homework or permissive circumstances to make it easier for you to get onto that busy – or pleasurable – post-Eunoia bit. 

 After we’ve wrapped up our March, I’m using the beginning part of April to put into place a clever idea given to me by a follower. Previously I tried to stick to one theme per week, but that can be limiting. Instead, we will follow thoughts where they take us. Eunoia will be recorded one day in advance so it’s scheduled to be up early for those AHEAD in the time zones.