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What’s a chastity keyholder without a key?

chastity keyholder image


The key isn’t what brings happiness. The control does. But is it just about chastity or is it more of controlling that denial and reward? I think you know the answer.

p.s. I would never turn down a key, just sayin’ it’s not a *requirement*.

How would you creatively use ten minutes with unlimited resources?

N writes: I would use my ten minutes to create experimental music that’s actually original and interesting.

CD writes: With 10 minutes and unlimited resources I would probably try to create a way to bridge differences. I do not know why folks cannot get along. We use religion and race and gender and other things as dividers. If I could I would divine the formula for undoing that tendency.

TM writes: In ten minutes I don’t think a lot could be done unless first setting up a plan to have a lot of money stashed for what follows the ten minutes. I would invest in stocks and cryptocurrency then immediately purchase contracts to construct a state of the art building where great minds can converge and plan new ways to make the earth a peaceful and prosperous place to live.

ME – If anyone wants to toss some crypto my way, let me know. I enjoy a good shitcoin (Doge!) as much as the big dogs.

D writes: My ten minutes of creativity would be jamming with Duane Allman.

ME – I did a google search on Duane Allman and then immediately had a “duh” moment for not recognizing the surname! I think if you grow up in Nashville it means you’re basically required to learn an instrument or sing, right?

RD writes:

Dear Mistress Elswyth, I was thrilled to see you had read my comment 🙂 I am glad you liked it. Even in these times, during lock downs and social distancing, it feels wonderful that even for a fleeting moment one can reach out and be heard. Thank you Mistress. I am grateful for all the effort and love you put in this.

ME – You’re welcome. I do read a lot of the comments, although I lag behind on the YT ones quite a bit!

D writes: Dear Mistress, I need more pixie sessions. I want to know about this new narrative. I see that there is a session for download on your website. I fear I may have missed key information. Is there a download code or is this only for purchase? Sincerely yours, D

ME – Dearest D. I used a poll to allow patrons to vote on which session they preferred. It ended up being the Eternal Suitor (Sabriel). So that session is the one that I gave away to my patrons. But.. I really, really wanted to do Pixie so I just went ahead and added it to the shop. I like using the Patreon poll feature to ask patrons which direction they prefer and prioritizing it (like I did with Eternal Suitor), and maybe getting another session in if time allows.

TM writes: Over the past 3-4 years I have developed an interest in different things that i would scoff at, thought of as strange or had no opinion on. Such as: getting pegged, wearing a chastity cage, prostate milking, my Queen rewarding me by letting me be her throne, my Goddess allowing me to release and my Mistress teaching me how to make sure I follow directions. These things I have treated in my own mind as a sort of controllable multiple personality gift.

I appreciate you sweet Mistress. Thank you for listening. As I remember more, I will tell you things that make me who i am or was before you taught me how to control my mind more efficiently.Pictures of the new caged beast coming soon.

R writes:

 When you put me on my knees I feel comfortable and reassured. I was starting to retreat, afraid that I would share to much or already had. I do trust You and I am willing to be open. I will obey you.

While looking out the window today I realized that sometimes my occupation requires thinking outside of the box and their is a need for creativity. Perhaps I should be focusing on what I am rather than what I am not.

Thank you for all good things.

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Eunoia – Eudemonia and Extra Homework

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Today is the last day of the month, and the last of our Naughty/Nice words for March. Did you catch your word over the last month? If not, you might hear it pop up as we move onto another theme.

If you came to this page from YouTube or your favourite podcast app, the link and an audio explanation of today’s homework can be found here:

Your Homework