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Eunoia – Commitment and a Question

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In today’s Eunoia we cover commitment, democracy, and humming your intention.

Your permissive circumstance is intertwined with your homework for today. If you dream about using hypnosis to step into the role of someone else, exploring another reality as a different person (or non-person.. woof).. you’ve met today’s permissive circumstance. BUT! You must, simply must, do your homework before doing your handiwork.

USE the form, do NOT send an email/message.

If you have zero desire to adopt a persona, include it too. You won’t meet the PC, but you will show you’re obedience to completing your homework.

Feel free to submit multiple answers and be specific.

“Playful kitten for a day, keeping Empress company”


For example “maid” can be – “humiliated sissy maid” or “shameless outgoing french maid” or even “useful Lady’s maid – proper and demure, my Lady’s constant companion”.


“Trained slave” can be “regularly shown off hypnoslave that serves Mistress and her friends” or “trained slave that visits my Queen on the weekends but we kept is private” or “trained slave that doesn’t know he is one because Mistress erases his memory over and over”

The Form