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Eunoia – Evanescent (and Psychrophilia)

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Throughout SbE I have steadily increased my list of fetish words. I’ve also steadily increased the number of things on my “not my fetish” list.

The sleep hypnosis sessions will be rolling along soon. I’m going through them one-by-one to keep the surprise alive and it’s fantastic. A few of you simply love falling asleep to the naughtiest of thoughts. Wet dream material. But LOTS of you love water and using it as your dream foundation. Private islands in the middle of the ocean, gentle streams, and a couple of childhood swimming holes.

If you haven’t requested your personalised reward yet, hurry it up and do so here:

Interested in exploring lucid dreaming?

Cultivate the skill of lucid dreaming and change your nights.

Disclaimer: Some people experience an uptick in sleep paralysis episodes when the practice lucid dreaming. Please be sure this file is right for you before using it. Have questions? Ask me.

A study documented the number of people who experienced lucid dreaming, plus the duration/etc. It is a great read if you enjoy that kind of thing (I do!): Definitely scroll down to Lucid Dreaming Features.

With the emergence of a digital lifestyle in rich countries and hyper-realistic video games, it became obvious to an ever-increasing amount of people that LD is the ultimate form of immersive experience. Indeed, it offers a (free) unique and fantastic world in which everything may become possible or controllable and feels real without putting the dreamer at risk. These characteristics of fantastic sensory and emotional experience make lucid dreaming indubitably highly desirable (e.g., Stumbrys et al., 2014).

Happy Thursday.