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Monday’s Eunoia – Colour

femdom hypnosis

Good morning! (or evening..) Today we are starting a new Eunoia theme and it is all about colour. <— I’ve learned to tweak my American so I don’t set off spellcheck constantly! I can’t think in metric, but I can sprinkle u’s liberally throughout my writing. Our colour focus will be a mix of meditation, devotion, and confusion because I love those little games.

A new Voice in the Background session will be out shortly. I’ve spent the weekend merrily plotting a few twists and teasers in there. Even better? It is the start of our long-awaited Sabriel pillar. I just can’t decide how slow we should go with that Sabriel seduction… thoughts?

Plus, enough of you have asked for more-more-more bondage so lovelies we are going full on. Here’s a *teensy tiny* hint.. in the UK we call ’em Henry. (Good luck!) I’ll put trailers up for public consumption and the yummy bit will be hosted on SbE so we don’t offend the censors.

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Introducing Naughty Bunny – Feminization.

My naughty bunny is up to shenanigans (again!). 

Find the complete session here:
OR here:

Experience the sexual hot button of getting caught with Mistress’s fashion magazines. This session sets the stage of a man that is practically begging for Mistress to notice his feminine side. We will dabble in mild scolding, pushed obedience, and the themes of being my mindless man. You will also experience being pampered and accepted within Elswyth’s safe space, our shared reality.

Getting Caught is a trigger setting session with the spoken “naughty bunny” trigger. The trigger is skilfully used to impose a feeling of unease – lower-lip-biting, red-tinged-ears, looking at the floor awkwardness. This trigger phrase will be used throughout this SbE Pillar where my Naughty Bunny is found in all kinds of devilish scenarios. Getting Caught is a trigger setting session with themes of feminisation. This session sets a trigger that brings about a sensation of blush-inducing embarrassment.

The session includes: Hypnotic induction, guided visualisation, mild scolding, mild cursing, sexual arousal, the option of release, and trigger setting. The awakener gives the option of natural sleep or becoming fully awake.
The session does not include: Punishment with sensation play, movement, abandonment threats, name-calling or harsh humiliation.

18+ Only

Length: 45 minutes

Triggers: Naughty Bunny
Themes: Femdom, Feminisation, Feminization, Humiliation, Embarrassment, Orgasm, Permission to Release, FLR

Background Music: Fireside

All participants are encouraged to listen to a safeword setting session prior to any hypnotic sessions. Tunnel of Light is the free version available to all. Castle Keep can be found in the shop or Patreon. Castle Keep is set within Mistress Elswyth’s shared reality.