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Monday’s Eunoia – Colour

femdom hypnosis

Good morning! (or evening..) Today we are starting a new Eunoia theme and it is all about colour. <— I’ve learned to tweak my American so I don’t set off spellcheck constantly! I can’t think in metric, but I can sprinkle u’s liberally throughout my writing. Our colour focus will be a mix of meditation, devotion, and confusion because I love those little games.

A new Voice in the Background session will be out shortly. I’ve spent the weekend merrily plotting a few twists and teasers in there. Even better? It is the start of our long-awaited Sabriel pillar. I just can’t decide how slow we should go with that Sabriel seduction… thoughts?

Plus, enough of you have asked for more-more-more bondage so lovelies we are going full on. Here’s a *teensy tiny* hint.. in the UK we call ’em Henry. (Good luck!) I’ll put trailers up for public consumption and the yummy bit will be hosted on SbE so we don’t offend the censors.