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Personalized Mind Control Fragment Loyalty Reward

This week I’m beginning to create customized Mind Control Fragments for my Happy Harem members and most loyal followers. If you’re not a Patron already, but you still really want an MCF of your very own, you can help me create one just for you here on my website.

I won’t be releasing any new Mind Control Fragments today, but will let you know what I have planned for the rest of the week soon. Right now I’m going to carry on bicycle shopping.

If you can ride a bike (the two wheeled kind) you have my permission today. If you can ride a unicycle, you have my permission for the rest of the week!

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Permissive Circumstance for July 11th

Did you know that Italy were due to play Spain?
Did you know that Antonio Banderas played in Original Sin?
Did you know that Brighton played host to Britain’s first nudist beach?

If you got three-for-three in my little quiz, you have permission today.
And if you didn’t get a single question right, you also have my permission!

Tomorrow I plan to set out a plan for some Personalised (Custom) Content. I learned a lot from the Spring Sleep Session a few months ago and I’m ready to try this again.

These sessions will be a MCF somewhere around 5-8 minutes long, with content we create together. I’ll put this item up in the shop tomorrow, but will also be rewarding my most loyal Happy Harem members on Patreon, also.

Annual Patrons (and those who have been with me even longer than that!) will come first, followed by anyone who has been with me for three months or more. After that I’ll create sessions for anyone else I choose.

One More Thing Before I Go…

While I’m on the subject of personalised sessions, last month I received a polite reminder for a delayed personalised Spring Sleep Session. It turns out it had been sent to the wrong email address, bounced, and vanished forever. Because I was learning how to do the (boring, administrative) part of this process while I was creating and recording, I’m certain that there was opportunity for other mistakes to have been made.

I’m not taking applications for a secretary, but I would gladly accept, and appreciate, pictures of any of you in a white blouse, pencil skirt and heels.

Dear Pita assures me that he has all these sessions, and the backups and original recordings. If anything is missing, you should email me with the subject “MISSING SPRING SLEEP SESSION” and I’ll make sure you get your sweet dreams.

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Permissive Circumstance – July 10th

Looks like I forgot to post this before I went to the beach for the day!
The third and final Pub Quiz question is; Which British town or city plays host to the UK’s first official nudist beach?
Remember your answers for tomorrow!

I didn’t visit a nudist beach today, but I did enjoy dipping my toes in the water.

I’m going to be posting an exclusive session for my Happy Harem on Patreon tonight. It’s a very Inside Baseball experience, referencing back to a lot of what I’ve done over the last year. A wandering, intoxicating visualisation and meditation.

I’m also likely to tweak and change this session a few times, updating it, or altering it to reflect on different ideas. It’s a kind of fun.

I’m looking forward to hearing you all sigh tomorrow, on our Together Day.

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Permissive Circumstance – July 8th

I’m resisting a movie question about The Ice Road, which was “Drive-In B-Movie Bad”.
So in 2001 who co-starred in Original Sin with Angelina Jolie?
And don’t tell me “Sin” is a bad movie. The internet would agree with you, but it’s been wrong before.

Today I’m mostly writing and enjoying some quite nice weather. I’m also bicycle shopping, though the demand is high and the prices and choice aren’t great.

I did the same thing last year while shopping for a microphone while everyone and their cousin were starting their own podcast. I’m a trend-setter!

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Permissive Circumstance, July 6th

So it seems that this week is General Knowledge week, since the local pub is offering a pub quiz this weekend.
Today’s question… which team are Italy up against in the next round of the Euro 2020?
If you knew the answer you get my Permission today. And no more sport questions this week!

Yesterday’s new awakener on the Mind Control Fragment page was running in double time. It’s fixed now! I’m uploading these pieces to YouTube also.

And there are two sessions originally for the weekend that are running late; something going out to my Happy Harem on Patreon and a personal growth session.

Next weekend I’m currently looking to indulge in some sensation play, something like Phantom Butt Plug. Last month my Patrons helped decide which direction to take.

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Mind Control Fragments – Permission to Go to Bed

Today’s new Mind Control Fragments are available. The two pieces introduce a fun game, anyone who enjoys power exchange dynamics might well have heard of it. The second part (the awakener) ends with explicit instruction to get a wonderful sleep.

The game is for the submissive (you) to ask the dominant (me) for permission to get into bed. You do this by kneeling beside the bed. I don’t think I’ll ever run out of reasons for you to be on your knees!

You know how best to make these fragments work for you; I’m sure some would love to use this one exactly as intended, mixing it in with your favourites to bring the evening to a close. If you listen to my playlist, you should have everything you need to have a deep, restful night.

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Permissive Circumstance – July 3rd

Are you eagerly awaiting our Saturday Session? It’s running a little late (you can find the artwork below, for the curious). I’m already keeping you waiting, so you absolutely have Permission today.

The Saturday Session will be out as soon as it’s done (hopefully today). It’s a sultry and sexual scene, which starts off by calling out my Flirty French Maid, Pixie.

This is the artwork I’ve created for this session. I’d say I can’t wait to share it with you, but I must wait!

There’s two other sessions recorded and being released as soon as possible, one going exclusively to my loyal Happy Harem on Patreon. And then tomorrow you can join me for our Together Day, followed by something new for MCF‘s on Monday, and a return to Eunoia on Wednesday. Wednesday makes a lot of sense for Eunoia, no matter how much I love a Monday. It gives me some time to collect my thoughts before I start the Preamble Ramble!

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Eunoia, A Statement of Purpose

I’m more than aware that a few of my lovely followers have been missing regular Eunoia, my “Preamble Rambles” especially. Oh dear, this session seems to have turned into almost exclusively rambling!

Find out what sessions are coming soon for Patrons and everyone else, and a whole lot more that was on my mind.


V writes:
I just finished (?) PTTFO and what an auditory delight it was! Thank you for all the good things! I’m certain I’ll revisit it in the coming days to try and continue to wrap my mind around it ❤️

Thank you for such a kind review of “PTTFO“. Here’s a reminder that this session’s five-letter title is also a coupon code that will earn you a discount on Eternal Suitor and The Apartment.

CD writes:
Dear Mistress – The Bialetti Moka Pot seems pretty cool. I had never heard of it. The video made it look easy to use. I may invest.

Tm writes:
Oh my god! I didn’t know such a thing existed! I am getting a moka pot immediately!!! I love it. Thank you so much for expanding my mind and teaching me about this genious invention.

anonymous lady brewing coffee in geyser pot in kitchen

DM writes:

Dear Mistress, you sound like you’re in a really good mood today, happy to hear it. No homework for me today, those espresso makers are fantastic. Have a great day! Ciao for now.

It seems that by suggesting that you learn to use a stove-top espresso maker I inadvertently sold a few. Time to get those Amazon Affiliate links set up!

N writes:
It seems that the new session isn’t in the Shop yet, but I would like to mention a session that you had intended to release months ago and never did. Do you remember the week of Eunoia that involved practicing a different posture every day? You mentioned that you were going to make a standalone session from that. Thank you for the permission, Mistress.

Thank you so much for reminding me! This should be very easy to do, and I’ll make it a priority. For everyone interested in this session,Tell Me Good Things: should this be a longer session with a proper induction, or a simple run-through of positions with time to hold each pose?

AB writes:
Dear mistress, i want to learn to last as long as I want inside a vagina. I have a stamina training Fleshlight. I would love a kind of joi edging session training stamina. Wow! Thank you so much mistress.

person grasping the bed sheet

I’m not so convinced that this can be learned this way. I had a partner who suffered from “death grip” and so would take an uncomfortably long time to orgasm when playing together. The solution was outright banning masturbating by hand; only the Fleshlight or a vibrator were permitted.
I’m not certain how to translate this into lasting longer. I think this kind of stamina is a matter of delaying gratification, and only practice with a willing partner will help.