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A Useful Pocket Pet MCF

I might be spending most of my writing time this week dedicated to my various, well-trained, flirtatious sissy maids, but while one pot is allowed to come to a rolling boil, another simmers quietly on the back-burner, receiving gentle stirring so nothing sticks to the bottom.

So here’s a little meditation on my Pocket Pet, which you’ll also find in the Mind Control Fragment player today. You’ll notice the Locktober sessions have all vanished. All six can still be found as a bundle in the store, if you need them to help you enjoy November!

Eunoia will be out tomorrow, bright and early.

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Some Slight Saturday Session Setbacks

My happy editor (dear PitA) is taking a few sick days. Apparently his head is full of cotton wool. I’ll share the latest Saturday Session in the middle of next week, as soon as it’s done!

The session I want to put out is all about position training. There’s six of them I just love, and you can find the Eunoia sessions that first explained them way back in the archive. The session I’ve written adds a little more to my thoughts about each position, and begins with a simple hypnotic induction and some stretching.

The whole thing has me thinking about high protocol BDSM. Eye Contact Rules, Service and Titles and such… well, there are Maid Training sessions coming this month. Are you as excited as I am?

On Patreon, my Happy Harem are helping me work out what to put into a new set of Affirmations sessions. Affirmations Series One can still be found in the shop (and I’ve just recently reduced the price slightly). Is there a subject you’d like to hear me elaborate on in an Affirmation session?

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Eunoia (November 4th), The Latest Plague and Icarus

In this chapter I tell you a story about poor Al. It’s a good one.

Heady HFO With Breath Play is apparently really, really exciting. To celebrate, if you use the coupon code “THANKSAL3” at checkout, you can get $10 off this session for the rest of the month.


Today is Thursday, and this is Eunoia Spoken by Elswyth.

So as some of you can probably hear, I’m just slightly plagued with this same, ridiculous cold that I swear the entire United Kingdom has. I’ve recently reconnected with a friend of mine… she lives in Portugal, she has these amazing photos, and if I’m still coughing a week from now, I’m going to be living in Portugal, and I’m going to have some amazing photos. I’m going to find the sunshine.

Ugh… we all wear masks and wash our hands and everything. How do we al have this cold? And I know it’s not that… because you know, I tested like everybody else does, but I don’t know if I’m the only one but every time I cough I feel, I feel like everyone in like a five-foot radius or… nah it’d actually be a little bit more than that because I was thinking meters, anyway… it just makes you feel plagued. It really does, so it’s annoying.

Okay, let’s get back to more fun stuff, other than British germs, right? That’s a pretty, pretty low bar there for fun! So let’s talk about Heady HFO, with the Breath Play. It’s been in the shop for a little while now. My Happy Harem on Patreon have also, of course, had it. Some of whom are engaging in denial, which… guys I just love you. And then there’s Al.

Okay, so poor Al… Al made it all the way to the 27th, when he decided of his own free will to listen to that session. And Al, well Al didn’t slip up once, okay? He didn’t. Nope. Three times. Three, three whole orgasms from Al through Heady HFO. Wow, so what’s the right metaphor here? Did Al fly to close to the sun? Those his fate is more enjoyable than falling into the sea, right?

If I have anyone doing No-Nut November, let me know… because if I do, I’m really tempted to throw out another HFO session just to test that resolve and see what happens.

Okay, for this upcoming weekend, the new session that’s going to be out it’s going to be… what’s a good hint? It might require some stretching beforehand. Maybe comfy clothes? Or, hey, y’know, dress in what nature gave you and just enjoy.

If you want another clue, this session it harkens back to the time when Eunoia truly was daily. I do aim for the four days a week, Tuesday through Friday, but ah… you know… life. And there was the different themes for each week. This is playing with one of those themes. It was requested a while back, and just other projects popped up ahead of it, but I am looking forward to putting it out there on Saturday for all of you.

Okay, so… let’s see. What should we do for Obey? Oh… here we go. I am working on, for January, something that has been asked for quite a few times. I have so far, a list of ten sessions that would be part of it, and it is going to be extremely specific training.

Basically, somebody wrapped you up in a big old cardboard box. It does not start this way! So those with claustrophobia don’t worry, it’s just my example. Say you were dropped off on my doorstep and you were like “Hey, this is me, let’s make me into what you want.” That is exactly what this training does. It is not just about the bedroom, though training in the bedroom is important. It’s about also, personality… how you carry yourself… the kind of man whose arm I want to be on… that whole thing. That is exactly what January is going to have.

So for your homework, I want you to tell me, what area of your life (and try to make it something you think I probably don’t have already on my list) but what are of life or personality or relationship that you think I would change about you, or you would want me to tweak or change to match what I like in a submissive.

So there you go, that’s your homework. Hopefully that makes sense!

And your Permissive Circumstance, well… it’s an idea that came from the old Eunoia format too. So following on from yesterday’s pumpkin stipulation, if you have a plastic, or a metal Christmas tree tucked in your attic, garage, closet, or whatever else… or hell, maybe you already set it up… then, well, you have my permission today. You don’t have to have the tree up. You just have to have one around the house, the garage or whatever. Okay? Alright, I will see you on Friday, and on Saturday… don’t forget the new session. For those of you who haven’t experienced The Trick and The Treat, that’s over on the website, and have a great day!

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Eunoia (November 3rd), The Many Flavours of November

In this instalment I say hello to a backlog of new Patrons and reward the stragglers among you.

The Trick and The Treat can be found on Patreon, or here in the shop.


Today is Wednesday, and this is Eunoia, Spoken by Elswyth. Eunoia is all about our connection outside of our sessions together. Send your notes through Patreon or the Spoken by Elswyth website to be included in the Listen section, and then continue on to Obey for the Homework and Permissive Circumstance, etcetera.

So, first of all here are our shout-outs for the new Patrons. My newest Happy Harem members. Okay, oh me, oh my… this is um… this is John, Dick, Andrew, another Andrew, oh no… I’m gonna say this is “Aruthae”. If I didn’t get that right let me know. I probably won’t get it right the next time, but I do try. Slavedoc, that one’s easy… Lau Bu, and I think that’s short for something… Mike, and J. And J has a lovely pair of high-heeled boots in their profile picture. I gotta know J, are they yours?

I had a message from my Cal Dude who accidentally listened to one of the Locktober MCF-tease sessions towards the end of last month. Um… poor Cal Dude. You know, I never once told anyone to deny themselves for a month. I never once told anyone to carry on through November either. But I know that some of you will.

It’s exciting to know that the number of days, well… it’s gone up, and up, and up… and then there’s the little doubts. What if the orgasm isn’t that great? What if I’m just left disappointed in myself? Although, PSA here… for your prostate health, you really actually shouldn’t go forever and ever without ejaculating. Doesn’t mean you have to have the orgasm, you can also learn about milking. It is a thing… it has nothing to do with cows and goats and so on.

I had very positive feedback from my Happy Harem about the trick-or-treat. Technically I think it’s called The Trick and The Treat. These are two Sabriel-themed sessions and they went out on Patreon for Hallowe’en. Um… oh and if you have no idea what Sabriel-themed means, it’s a name that’s associated with a specific kind of session that I make. They’re all about pure hypnosis training and… and mind control, with everything you can think of when Mistress is saying “Mind Control” to you.

Sabriel is introduced in the Eternal Suitor session and yeah, that’s what he is. He’s the guy who is always trying to impress, in a good way, like he’s on a first date, or a third date. And you all know what happens on the third date. He doesn’t ever reach a point of over-familiarity and he’s kept there through erotic hypnosis. It’s fun, it’s a little bit predatory. I enjoy it.

I’ll put those sessions up in the shop today on the Spoken by Elswyth website for everyone else who hasn’t had it can go there and enjoy it. If you haven’t listened to The Apartment, and PTTFO, and The Eternal Suitor… well they’re all required listening, so you also need to have those sessions… and my apologies if you can actually hear my tummy grumbling. Maybe PitA will be able to edit that out. If not, yeah… it’s like, almost 11, I’ve been busy and it wasn’t until I actually started Eunoia that I realised… I should have had some breakfast.

Okay, Homework. For those of you in the States, or with friends or family from the States and you’re on social media, you probably see that one of the very many variations on November theming is the Thankful one. There’s also No-Nut, and it seems like No-Nut should not be following Locktober. No-Nut has nothing to do with walnuts. Or pecans… they’re not pee-cans, they’re pecans.

Um… the moustache growing one, Movember. What’s the other one? No buying Nestle products. There’s also a “No Buying” one. And the newest one I’ve seen is a mindfulness one about saying “No” to everyone and everything that makes you unhappy. But let’s talk about the thankful one, because it ties into your Homework.

You, share your favourite session title with me, and… and… there’s a thinking part here. You have to also share a sequel idea that you’d enjoy along the same lines. I had somebody do that with the maid session, and that story’s good! You all will be thankful for them.

Okay, I think that wraps us up for today. Does it? Does it…. no… because you need your Permissive Circumstance. This is it, this is for the procrastinators. This is when you win… ready? If you still have a Jack’o’Lantern out front of your house on the window, a picture on your door, whatever… you have my Permission today. See you tomorrow!

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Happy Hallowe’en

I haven’t decided if I’m going out anywhere later, and the weather is the maid factor. I might choose to share a spooky movie and a bucket of parmesan and garlic popcorn with friends.

Yes, parmesan and garlic. Why limit yourself to sweet and salty?

I’ve shared my two Sabriel sessions, “The Trick” and “The Treat” with my Patrons. They’re a mix of hypnosis, guided meditation and erotic storytelling. Despite the name they’re not at all spooky, so I’ll be sharing them in some other way soon.

I have a dozen ideas and Work-in-Progress projects for November, and only four Saturdays to share new sessions. I think there will be some extras to release as the month goes on… some Position Training, perhaps two new Maid Training sessions, and more Sensation Play. What else are you craving?

Be sure to tell me your Locktober stories. My Heady HFO With Breath Play session is a good way to enjoy your freedom, unless you’ve been inspired to continue denial a while longer.

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A Quick Update

I’m back from out of space. Actually, I said I wasn’t going to fly again unless it was strictly necessary, and I think a jaunt out of the Earth’s atmosphere counts.

I wasn’t able to record the session(s) I plan to release this weekend before I stepped “Away From Keyboard” for a few days, and so I’ll be recording them tomorrow morning. The editor is standing by, and the sessions will be out late on Saturday or early on Sunday.

These sessions will have a sort of hypnotic induction, but they’ll be more like erotic storytelling. They’ll definitely go out to Patrons as soon as possible, though they’ll likely have come with some rules to follow.

I’m looking forward to Eunoia and more next week.

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Saturday Session – Heady HFO With Breath Play

I’ve had a productive October, enjoyed creating some fun sessions, and some genuinely useful sessions, but I desperately wanted to release something deeply gratifying, and so this Saturday Session is just pure smut.

Check out the trailer right here, then if you’re dying to find out more follow along to the shop and I’ll tell you everything there is to know.

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Midweek Update

If you are enjoying the challenge of Locktober, but don’t like to go entirely without, then you might like A Little Locktober Tease. There’s four of these Mind Control Fragments and all of them encourage you to stroke for a while. And they all tie in with the Marshmallow trigger, which will help you get through the month if you’re flagging!

Eunoia might be postponed a few more days. I’m eager to put out a few real (full-length) sessions before the end of the month and need to focus in on writing and recording them. There’s still only one of me. At the moment, the plan is to focus on our Breathing on Saturday the 23rd.

At the end of the month I plan to release a pair of sessions that tie in with the Sabriel trigger set in The Eternal Suitor. These are pure erotic hypnosis fantasy sessions, that sink deep down into that kink and revel in what makes it special. If you want a taste for what’s in store, by all means revisit The Apartment.

If you’re dying for a Permissive Circumstance today, well… today you absolutely have my permission as long as you’re listening to my voice. Be sure to let me know what helped you finish, because that’s my motivation to keep writing!

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Be More Bold

This Saturday Session is a confidence boost. It begins with a gentle guided meditation induction, focusing on a pendulum.

The session itself will help you alleviate fears of failure, and feelings that others think negatively of you. In short, it’s all about feeling emotionally bold.

This session uses the Going Deeper Faster trigger setting that you can find in the shop, as well as in the Beginner Bundle. Be More Bold also uses the visualisation of a whirlpool as part of the hypnotic induction. It might not be suitable for listeners with a fear of dark, deep or open water.

This session was chosen by my Patrons in a poll. The other session, “Fear of Being Naked” will be released next month.

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Eunoia (October 15th), Authentic Submission and Being the Prop

In this chapter I talk about old telephone answering machines and ramble for longer than I should.


Today is Friday, and this is Eunoia, Spoken by Elswyth. Eunoia is all about our connection outside of our sessions together. Send me your messages through Patreon or the website to be included in the “listen” section and continue on to “obey” for homework and permissive circumstances and so on. If you’re unfamiliar with permissive circumstances, go to my website and read some more there.

So a warm welcome to Eric and Michael with an “A” for joining my happy harem here on Patreon. Welcome in. I had lots of messages from tidy boys and most of them, well, most might be an understatement. Most of them didn’t seem genuinely excited about the idea of wearing a stained shirt, one patron in particular, he mused over the question of if he continued on with his own personal growth if it would make him well, I guess, if it would rid him of his desire to do things, that make him uncomfortable, for others.

Now in the everyday life and the outside world, that mundane that we refer to, probably yeah. But in this shared headspace or in realms of consent, of this power exchange, probably not. What you’re describing, and if you feel the same way, dear listener, then this applies to you too, is an authentic submissive mindset. You feel good when you’re doing something for someone else and you feel even better when it’s tied up with your sexuality and I don’t think most people will ever totally shake that. Partly because you won’t want to.

I’m not saying of course, that you have to be some kinkster in order to appreciate the good feelings that come from doing something for someone else. I’m just saying, when it’s tied up with lust, that’s a whole different ball game and we’re all mature enough to understand the difference between our everyday life interactions and our consensual adult ones. So this is also a little bit, well it’s distinct from the other kind of submissive guy that I see who has a particular kink or fetish or a predilection for a powerful, strong, dominant woman.

But, and this one drives me batshit crazy, but the woman, they always want her to perform a certain role in a scene. It is being the prop. It is the telephone sat on the table. It is the – I’m trying to think of some other props. I have to confess here. For my unwinding every so often, I’ve been rewatching Seinfeld and, oh, wow. I didn’t watch the early Seinfeld. I don’t have no idea when I came into watching Seinfeld but a few of the artifacts in there are, they’re just hilarious to me to see them.

Now, you totally forget that some of these things had existed, like using somebody else’s phone, and we’re way off the topic of fetish here, but using somebody else’s phone, to call your answering machine. I remember when that came out, just thinking that was some kind of voodoo or something.

Anyway. So, so the second group of person, and I’m not saying it’s bad per se. Especially, if the other person, the top that you have in the scene, is fine with it. But if you have to constantly – if you constantly just want the one thing and the other person only performs the one role, it’s, it’s completely different. And people can get that, obviously, from me, you can just stay in one of the particular pillars and be like, “This is where I belong”. You know, “I’m Margaret” or a “Pixie”. Man, I would take a house full. I would take a house full of Margarets and Pixies and others today. That just sounds like fun.

But it is different than the person who has this overall submissive role that they have adopted and part of the reason why this is actually on my mind is I would say about a quarter of the messages I get are very, very prescriptive. Very, “This is exactly what I’m looking for. Can you do this?” Which is fine. A lot of great ideas come from that, but I will say like the other bit, the other three quarters that this is focused on wanting training and wanting to cultivate and continue to grow that authentic submissive side that perhaps you’ve seen others and, you know, right.

You’re like, “Yeah, but what is he doing? How does he do that?” Or you’ll meet somebody in your everyday life that you want to be around them and long after you’re done having a conversation or whatever else, you still remember them because of the way they made you feel.

So I’ve been mulling this over, partly because it is dark when I take my doggo for a walk in the morning. So it just gives me plenty of time to be in my own little quiet world and think. I’ve been slotting in a collection of different sessions and almost seeing how these things would connect in together to make my, ideal is a little bit of a lofty word, isn’t it. But to create and to mold my perfect everyday companion. So, yeah, he can, he can adopt some of the Sabriel concepts or, the Pixie ones or the Prissy ones. He can do all those things, right. He can – he loves the rope, when I say I have to try this new kind of tie, he’s like, “Yes Mistress, let’s go do that.” You know, and we try out things or if I have, you know, a new cane, cause I do love how those lines line up and do that. He’s also right into it for “it”, but for everyday life, for, “Let’s go down to the shop and grab some milk,” the person walking along beside me, there is a personality type. There is a submissive that I want for that.

So I am going to have a series of things that are coming out. That’s basically going to tell you how to do so. I just can’t think of a fucking name for it. What would you call it? Is that personal growth? Is that foundations, is that – should I just call it Sabriel and it’s Sabriel without the taking him under and doing naughty things to him side? You tell me. That’s your homework: what would you call that?

Or would you just call it, “Elswyth Submissive Training?” Because it does include everything. Taking care of your mind, your body, walking, moving with grace, having compassion, working on those listening skills. It has all of that. It’s a personality tune up, perhaps. Anyway, that’s your homework. Let me know what you would title something like that and where you feel it would slot into our pillars.

Oh, Speaking of sessions, “Be more bold”. That is the personal growth session that’s on my Patreon poll. So that’s going to be released tomorrow as the Saturday session. If you were hoping the “Fear of Being Naked” session would win. It’s going to come out some time next month. I promise it’s done. It’s just waiting there. And if that makes you feel antsy, well, marshmallow. Marshmallow, you can be a patient pet. 

Okay. So our listen and obey kind of got mixed up in there, but that’s okay. It’s Friday, Fri-yay, right. Tomorrow, enjoy that session. Enjoy be more bold. I truly loved creating it for you.

And your Permissive Circumstance, your permissive circumstance is this. If – it’s going to require going outside, and if you can’t go outside, maybe you could substitute TV. If on your walk outside, a normal walk for you, don’t go 20 miles or something, you can see five pumpkin’s, you have my permission. And if it’s locktober for you, you have my permission to continue on being denied.

Okay. Download the session tomorrow and I will see you on Monday.