Hypnotherapy – Insomnia Fix




If you’re struggling with insomnia, this session offers a quick effective tool to block out unwanted thoughts.  Insomnia Fix (Relaxation) is a vanilla, non-femdom, kink-free session.

The two session bundle includes:

  • Bedtime session – use when falling asleep
  • Anytime session – has a full awakener to fill you with energy.

I’ve received numerous requests for “vanilla” hypnotherapy content and I’m happy to oblige because I know it will help you. If you’re not a regular follower of Spoken by Elswyth, you will find that you can easily use these sessions. If you are a loyal listener, thank you for that and please let me know of any other topics you’d like to explore. These sessions are not meant to diagnose or cure, instead, hypnotherapy is a complementary tool that works well alongside other treatments.


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