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Hypnoslave Applications

Thank you for all the applications I received over the weekend. Those of you mentioned in the podcast episode will receive a code to download something they’ll enjoy from the shop.

This was really fun, and definitely encouraged some creativity. I’ll have to offer up another similar task, soon.


I’ve really enjoyed the slew of applications I received for the position of hypnoslave. You know, the one that I advertised last week. I won’t have any trouble filling the role, I’m sure.

In one application, a person wrote, “when it comes to orgasm control and I receive a suggestion that wont let me be allowed to cum, I’m still able to often times which I would like to change.”

I like that he’s forthright about his strengths *and* his weaknesses in his application. He also mentioned that he’s caught up on the podcast so far, despite only knowing about my website for a short time, which shows he’s willing to do his own research. Now, that’s really important when making these kinds of applications. Employers-slash-Dominant Women recognize form letters that have been spammed to hundreds of people, and are good at ignoring them.

Now, another one starts his cover letter with some really nice, florid language… “Long have I yearned for an auditory experience that combines the bliss of trance with elements of interactive submission in the way your podcast does.” which is actually a fantastic description of the podcast in general. Maybe I should hire him as a copywriter? But I digress… He’s also conscientious as he later specifies some of his skills with bullet points. Including cartwheels.
He also shared… he also shared a hilarious little picture of a stoat. Do you all know what a stoat is? It’s like a really cute ferret or weasel. Very, very cute, like cuter than your average ferret. So this little picture, it’s been very carefully altered to include a little tie and stuffed briefcase.

Let me see, oh… there’s also an application here from another which drew particular attention, who proudly declares that he has over 20 years of… ummm… industry experience, shall we call it? I’m almost sad that there’s not an actual resume attached to that one.

I could go on forever, but those of you who know what’s going on in the world, it is hot. It’s really hot today. Today I’m recording this when London is one of the hottest places in the world, right now. So, let’s just say thank you for all the applications I received. I’m happy to say that not one of the messages I received in response to this little task were an example of that typical ham-fisted introduction I think has become a cliché way of thinking about submissive guys on the internet. I’m proud of all of you, but like I said, I think I’d be here all day if I wanted to pick out parts of every single one, and I would probably melt into a little puddle on this chair, or be one of the unfortunate statistics, and I don’t wanna be. I just don’t wanna be.

The regular podcast, it’ll be out tomorrow, but this little extra episode still comes with a Permissive Circumstance, because orgasms are more fun when you have permission, right?
If you were one of those who submitted an application, you do have my permission today. If you knew about the assignment from last Thursday and decided to not complete the task… ruined orgasms for you. And yes, I know you know how to do it.

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