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You Didn’t Meet Expectations. What now? Auditory Punishment.

In this session I mention the Naughty Bunny trigger. This is a trigger I love to drop into other sessions, and there’s two different versions of the trigger setting session to suit your predilections.

Since there are so many new listeners who haven’t heard either, they’re better than 20% off all through this coming weekend.

I also mention the Corner Time session. This is currently only available on Patreon, but is one I’m considering for review in the coming months.


Welcome to Episode 11, where we’re going to talk about what happens if you didn’t meet expectations, or if… I just need to give you a particular sensation. Auditory punishment. So… there are all kinds of punishments that can exist in an FLR. Even an FLR-LDR. Uhh… spanking, wooden spoons, denial. Writing something a hundred times. Financial punishment. Humiliation. Being forced to do good deeds, and so on.

Lots of options.

And punishments can be deserved, or… you know, maybe you’re just deep down and I need to punish you because, well, just because I need it. That Queen-like Femdom Hypnotist is the one out to play.

How I Punish You With Femdom Hypnosis

That’s when certain triggers get used. There are two, and because I don’t want to punish you now, I’ll leave them unsaid, and I’ll just stick them in the show notes. The one abbreviated “CT” is the one for, usually when you’ve really fucked up. And you know it. And you deserve it. And I’ve had more than a few tell me when they’ve deserved it. That’s what CT is for.

And the one abbreviated NB, well you can definitely earn that as well. But I just love that one for the mind fuck, so at different times it will pop out.

I am not always into humiliation and so on, but I just love watching a man blush.

Now, both of these do require that you do the due diligence or listening to those sessions often. Nestling that word rune in there, and allowing it to burn brightly, whenever you hear me say one of the trigger phrases. Now, I know this isn’t for everyone, and that’s fine. It is why sessions have disclaimers, but I also know that some of you are craving more. And that’s coming, and some are out there. Those sessions that will be part of… a more adventurous streak, for this season.

But for now, just two triggers are enough to keep us going. I will be taking input on Patreon for what extreme punishment trigger you would be willing to endure. So be sure to check over there, to give your two cents.

And if you’re feeling very shy, go ahead and send it to me privately. I will likely expand on this trigger setting for those of you who need something… man, how to phrase this. Who just need something more extreme than CT, and NB, have to offer. The sky’s the limit, so let me know.

Why is Punishment Important in FLR and BDSM?

Now, if you’re brand new to Femdom, or Dominance-Submission, this power exchange… or maybe just the idea of anything but the most gentle of Gentle Femdom, you may be wondering why punishments are needed, anyway. I mean, after all you’re here and you’re pretty willing, right?

The punishments, the acts of them, they establish and enforce my authority over you. You’re mind, your body, and for those that need it, even more. Your daily actions, your life. During a discipline session, you know I’m in command, and you are my subordinate. But I know, it’s not all about physical pain. There are so many psychological factors that work their way into it. For example, if I have you bare-bottomed and over my knee, and it’s my hand smacking your ass, is it really the sting of my hand that’s getting to you? Or is it the… maybe the embarrassing position? Maybe it’s just feeling naughty and immature because you’re over my lap.

Maybe it’s me talking about the lovely shades your bottom is turning. Being treated in a way that you’re never been treated by someone you’re in a relationship with. I think that adds a little bit of an extra sting. But it’s also knowing what bothers you, and working that into the scene. That’s how I know how to effectively discipline you. To know what treatment you need, to be reminded of my power. So that’s where discipline comes in. And yeah, doing regular “Maintainence discipline.” the one you haven’t earned by anything other than being the submissive guy that you are? That also reminds you of my power.

So you task for today is to send me a message saying what your fantasy punishment is. And then tell me, why, that particular punishment would work on you.

And you Permissive Circumstance for today… if you have ever whacked that ass of yours with a hairbrush, you have my Permission. Enjoy yourself.

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