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4.24 Brats, breaking, and a short hypnotic sensory session

In an upcoming instalment of Getting Longer, there will be a pointed focus on sensory play. As a precursor to this, after today’s podcast episode you will find my recording of the Lemon Convincer Script. If you aren’t familiar, this is a tool often used by hypnotists to help relieve subjects of some of their preconceptions about hypnosis, trance, and visualisation.

Once you’ve taken the time to listen, send me a polite note through email, or Patreon messenger. You can answer the questions posed at the end of the episode, or just let me know whether or not you can taste lemons.


Today’s episode is about brats and, at the end of the episode I’m treating you to the infamous Lemon Convincer Script. So be aware you’ll need a small chunk of time to close your eyes and indulge in some sensory play.

Also, fair warning, today’s episode comes with doggos in the room, road construction, and an incredible amount of traffic. Those who have been with me for a while, you know that my city has a fetish for road redesign and for digging up the road to replace cables and whatnot. It’s not on the same level as Atlanta, Georgia and their endless road construction. It’s just enough that I know when they’re reconfiguring this or that it means my normally quiet day has way more traffic sounds.

And because one of the doggos is just very, very insulted by what is happening outside, that doggo is in the room and he tends to be a bit noisy… so if you hear some random groans, moans, grunts, whatever… it’s the dog, I swear. So lets see what magic Pita can work out and if you do hear the canines or the automobiles, consider it to be the ambiance of City Life.

For those cutesy curious nosey ones, today’s random playlist, it has Jerk It by Thunderheist going. I heard it as part of a spotify running playlist and it quickly made my favourite list. Now I don’t remember this song from when it originally came out. I’m sure it had to be a very popular club thing. I don’t know much about the artist, either. I do know the video has some sweat, a cock and some heavy gold chains. Mmm.. I love, love, love, heavy chains.

Okay back to the topic! I’m working on another episode release for Getting Longer for S4. As you know, I’ve been playing around with more auditory cues and I love the easter eggs that have been recognised by loyal listeners. Getting Longer will be delving into more sensory play and so that brought to mind the lemon script. But.. as I planned that for today’s episode, I received a note from a man asking, well basically telling me, to break him. He offered money in exchange. What he didn’t offer was any motivation.

Oh, sure, I’m guessing he considers the cash to be the motivation, but can you imagine just how fucking boring a session would be if that’s my only motivation? I  mean, we’re all about co-creating and cerebral play here, and if I’m just going through the motions, it’ll show. Call me crazy, but if I’m not excited by it, I’m not doing it. I mean I do actually identify as a top, here. And you know, that comes with certain characteristics.

So why didn’t it excite me? Well, first, there’s no conversation. Let’s pretend this gentleman, he struck up a conversation with me and we hit it off. Lots of good chat, sharing, and flirtation going on. Perhaps this flirtation leads to lust and me being curious about him… and then he brings up that he’s always been curious about how a top can be… well, topped. Broken.

Admittedly, my knee jerk reaction is generally a big ol’ sigh because that’s a trope that does get touched on a lot. The whole, almost-childish, nah-nah-you-can’t-make-me, break me kind of thing.

But let’s say this gentleman says it, then goes onto something else. Like, for days… something else, never mentions it again. Although, you know, he’s letting it clearly be known he’s curious and open, yet he doesn’t flat out ask for it. The flirtatious conversation continues. Now, am I likely to start nudging, pushing, testing, trying out creative phrasing on this delightful man? Yes. Why? Well, because I’m intrigued by the person and because it’s an intellectual challenge to do so without making it obvious.

Now he’s still gets what he wanted, right? But it’s now this story. It’s a relationship. It’s actually interesting. Is this the same as seduction? Sure. It’s a form of it. I know there are many submissives who delight in the role of being a brat. Some do it because it gives them then permission to do what they wanted to do anyway, right? Others, it’s just presenting that “challenge”. Honestly, just like the Domly Dom asking to be broken, the submissive brat usually is a turn off for me.  In the case of this season’s Getting Longer session… what do you think would happen in that situation if the submissive guy, he suddenly rebels in the Listening Room and says “Nope, not doing it!”. Is she going to cajole him or try to top him to make him stay? Nope. She’s going to show him the door. For me, this is pretty true for my personality.

I love seduction. I love playfulness. I love mind fucks, and a challenge, and surprising you with content you never expected. I love similar play in everyday life. You know, being a bit naughty and you’ve earned 10 strokes? You may find my counting along the lines of 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 10. I’ve done, and do, the Governess role and all the pouting bits that may go along with it. But all of that is still within the understood context of a Female Led Relationship, which is my preference and can never, ever can I be accused of not telling someone that is my preference. And preference might be stating that even lightly… that is my requirement. Period. 

Now if you’ve gone along with some of the Sabriel sessions, you do know there are windows where I do enjoy a different type of happening… but again, it’s still within the Female Led Relationship, and I’m still in charge.

The majority of interactions go along those lines where I’m given the proper respect, even worship, that I deserve and my male, companions they’re given the attention, training, and boundaries that are also deserved.

So trickery, mind games, luring you in, things along the lines of The Pirate Queen, definitely excites me. Give me a reason to want to observe you, know your habits, your wants, your easily-played-on apprehensions… perhaps the man who has never experienced pain as pleasure yet wants to have a go at it. He trusts the safeword, trusts the process, and returns again and again to build up to more. Those nervous tells like the twisting of a ring or jiggling of a foot, those can be the best aphrodisiacs for a mistress like me. 

Having someone tell me to break them because they’re sure I can’t, blah, blah… nah. That can go elsewhere, it’s not fun. It’s like the, you know the Pick Up Artists negging crap that too many men were sold on. Of course, when all is said and done and someone asks my absolutely favourite flavour of sub it always comes back to the service submissive. That Eternal Suitor, the gentleman. Give me the Gomez, not really the Jack Donaghy, but do note they both know how to wear a tux. I think any man can learn to wear a tux. I even had a session on that before. A man being sent by his girlfriend, owner, Mistress, to a seamstress to be fitted out for new clothes. That was fun.

Anyway.. That’s my construction-zone-day short monologue on brats. And breaking. Your task for today is to send me what you consider to be acceptable bratty behaviour, bonus points if you put it in a haiku or short story. Ooh, send me a short story that I can actually use on the podcast. That would be fun.

And your Permissive circumstance is this, if you caught which numbers I skipped when counting to ten while LISTENING to the podcast, no fair if you read the transcript, you have my permission. Attention to detail is provocative.

Now let’s go on to the Lemon Convincer. You’ll need a quiet spot and to find your relaxation.The only disclaimer for this session is if you’re allergic to lemons, citrus fruit, maybe skip it. Or substitute another fruit. There’s no name-calling like slut or manwhore… no sensory play with inflatable butt plugs or a fresh switch from the tree… no bondage with blue ombre rope or those thick leather cuffs with the padding that lets them stay on for so long. Or the thick collar that keeps your head just so… no face-sitting, no ruined orgasms, no placing a word rune to make you open to the tricks of a succubus. It’s simply a convincer script used by many hypnotherapists everywhere and a way for you to practice sensory play prior to digging into it more with Getting Longer Season 4.

So go ahead and pause this, and find your spot to be.

[The Lemon Convincer Script is not presented in this transcript.]

Okay, so… that is it for today. Our conversation about brats and breaking and citrus. I know you’re going to enjoy the next Getting Longer, and I know I’m going to enjoy reading either the haiku, or stories, about bratty behaviour. Seriously, just let yourself go wild and just write. I promise that once you get into it, and hey… you can even turn on a good playlist. Try listening to Jerk It and see what happens. Just write. Let youself go for it.

Bye for now.

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