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4.39 SbE Locktober review and reward update

I promised a link to my Amazon wish list in these show notes, and here it is:


Welcome to today’s episode. It’s the Spoken By Elswyth Locktober Review, and Reward Update. So… I had a bit of a delay, but you know what? Deadlines call, and I have to answer. But the good news is that there’s a fun session coming out here on the podcast on Thursday. I’ll tell you what that is in a moment, but first let’s talk about…

A thank you to a very special gentleman for the gift of the new yoga mat. You don’t wanna know what the old one was looking like, so it’s nice to have this bit of sunshine to tote along with me to class. Thank you for that.

Also I received an Amazon gift card, which… I reall enjoy getting those, because I kind-of have my own mental list of things, and some of you are aware that very high on that list is anything that deals with sunlight. So my home is a bit sunnier now. Also had some other things come off the Amazon wishlist which… I actually had from a few of the people notes come beforehand to say to not thank them publicly, which was interesting. I think they were afraid I might add some commentary to the items that were purchased. But anyway, thank you… it’s always a fun surprise, right? To get something in the mail? If you want to look at my wishlist, the link is in today’s episode notes. If you want to do something free and easy to help the podcast, make sure you hit “Like” and “Subscribe” and it wouldn’t hurt to have some good… I don’t even know if it’s four, or five star reviews out there.

So, feel free to do that too. It costs a bit of time, but gifts of time, they’re pretty good gifts, right?

So we are into November, depending on where you live that means all kinds of things. You might have just recently had your bonfire night, or… oh, you might be out voting today. Yeah, so… interesting times, right? And those things kind-of go hand-in-hand. Anyway, right… not getting into politics, I swear.

We had out Locktober last month, for October. Did have a bit of a derailment in there thanks to the, you know, stupid you-know-what managing to invade my body. Man, that’s not even good. Like if you were writing a bit of sexy, let’s say it’s a… oh, X-Files is the only alien TV show I can think of. You know, you’re writing a bit of sexy fan-fic, and you decide, oh… invasion, alien invasion on my body. It would never result in a lot of coughing, and a fever, and basically feeling like shit. Or maybe the last one, I don’t know… well, I don’t even like fanfic for the most part, I do really love amateur writing. I can’t always get into the fanfic thing.

Anyway, let’s go back to the topic. We had out Locktober… there… was a form on the website, and it let you sign in, and put you name in there, whether you planned to participate.

Now, the form is closed, which it should be because it’s November, but your reward is coming. I will let you know when it’s ready. And the reward is going to be one of those fun little Easter Egg things that I like to slip into the podcast or the sessions, or whatnot. And it is only being given to those who participated in this year’s Locktober… so next year we’ll do something different, but I know you’re going to love this one; I really love this particular trigger, party because I love words and I love this word. So anyway, that’s coming.

Now we still have some people waiting until the 10th, and… one unfortunate soul, just one, who won’t be able to get a reward until the end of November. Sad, huh?

But, I am happy to have been the center of this little game, this experience… I’m glad I had a whole host of reponses and reactions to the rice punishment. I’m glad to know it had the desired effect on almost everyone who experienced it. I even had a very polite request for a sensation play session like the… Left With Warm Thighs, do you know that one, dear listener? Well… a hypnotic session that brings about this particular discomfort through hypnosis, it might just be worth exploring. If you’re listening and thinking to yourself that you need a file like that, let me know, okay?

Some of my favorite types of messages to receive, these were the descriptions of chastity as a sort of slow-burn of arousal and desire and uh… well… here, let me read something that I copy/pasted:
Dear reader. You need to to listen to episode to hear this little snippet. Is that such a hardship?

Okay, so… more news about the new Thursday Session; this was going to be the Locktober Cuddle Session, and okay… what’s a Cuddle Session?

On Patreon I released a Cuddle Session, I think it would have been earlier this year… and it’s a something-something hypnotic session that focuses on the sensations of having me cuddled up behind you, in bed. Oh, and that original one, it has lots of deliberately confusing language, it toys with some subtle emotional manipulation, a little jealousy, but it still comes back to good, snuggly thoughts before it leads you to sleep.

Now this new session, it was supposed to be out in the middle of last month, and then you know, everything else. I’m still happy with being able to create the chastity mindset sessions and some of the other Locktober sessions, affirmations and such, but I really wanted to have this session that echoed the cuddle session, with that lovely undertone of chastity.

And there’s another theme in the session I had planned, which is that… well you all knew this, I hope. I loved… love the idea of that extended period of denial, it’s leading to the coveted wet dream. And so this Locktober Cuddle Session was supposed to encourage those with post hypnotic suggestion and sleep hypnosis. Oh, and a reminder that I don’t consider it cheating on your Locktober Success Story.

But, you all know that chastity-themed month-long events don’t stop at October. I’m not doing anything special for November, but I have dozens of messages asking me if it’s okay to continue… well, sort of. If you’ve been waiting, torturing yourself with further denial while I’ve been, you know, a bit out of touch… please, please, dear man… stop showing off and have an orgasm before you explode. If that’s the case, and I know from my email inbox that there’s at least a handful making this claim, pause this podcast right now and entertain yourself at the earliest convenience. It is good for your prostate health.

Okay, what was I saying? Ah yeah… the weather here in the UK it’s taken a turn for the… wet and windy, the nights are starting earlier and getting darker. It’s definitely snuggle season. So all this to say that the Locktober Cuddle Session has grown and changed into the Winter Cuddle Session. And I’m really looking forward to sharing it with you this week. There’s denial, there’s hypnotic conditioning, there’s wet dreams, and there’s a satisfyingly long list of extra fun thoughts and sensations available for those who need more.

Pretty nice of me, huh?

Okay, that is it for today. I expect to have some happy thank you notes coming in. And for those of you who have asked, like I said, the link to the wishlist, it’s usually pretty easy to find on the website but I will go ahead and put it in the episode notes for today.

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