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4.48 Automatic Writing Session (Psychography) – Follow Your Dreams

Today’s full length session is Follow Your Dreams. Find the full session, without podcast fluff and with alternative background music, in the shop.

A brief note to Getting Longer listeners. The third and fourth releases have been mistakenly introduced as “Release Two”. This will be fixed when Release Five rolls around in the New Year.



Today’s episode has a full hypnosis session for you to enjoy after this bit of an introduction. Now if you find yourself wanting to return to this session again and again, you can find a download for it on the website, And on the website, that version doesn’t have the podcast intro or anything else. It’s basically like all of my other sessions. Title, and then it goes into it.

What is Psychography?

Now before we get to the session, I wanted to first tell you a bit more about it and what to expect, because it is a bit different… and tell you about the very sexy session coming out on New Year’s Eve. Just a bit of admin and housekeeping… you will have that New Year’s Eve session… well, sessions, and then on New Year’s Day there’ll be a short podcast just to begin your year the right way.

Today’s session, is called Follow Your Dreams. It’s an Automatic Writing session, or if you wanna be fancy it’s called Psychography. So what is Automatic Writing? Now, long time loyal followers will remember that we’ve dabbled in Automatic Writing previously. The purpose of this session is kind of help you find your dream, your goal, and to have the passion to go after it. So the session, it’s going to use that Automatic Writing as a way for you to just… be free.

So you’re going to be in a place where you’re not going to be disturbed or feel self conscious. A place where you can also write, so… desk, sofa with a clipboard, whatever… something like that. Obviously you’re going to need to have paper in front of you, and a pencil in hand.

Now, automatic writing it does flow naturally. Although, if you are new to hypnosis, and I know quite a few people just stumble upon me, if you’re new to hypnosis it might take you a few tries to get there. But you don’t mind if it takes a while to get there, do you? Think of it as cerebral edging. The results are worth it.

Mistress Judges If You Can Fuck Her

Now, as I mentioned, the next session it’s going to be out on New Year’s Eve… and… and I struggled with a few title ideas, and I opted for something straightforward. It is “Mistress Judges If You Can Fuck Her”. That is straightforward, right? “Mistress Judges If You Can Fuck Her”. You get the whole gist of what the session, sessions, is going to be like.

Now, I had all kinds of titles floating about, and most of them were coy… because I really love word play. But, they could all of been easily misconstrued. Like… Show Me Your Skills. Show Me Your Skills could be about the two of us in a cosy kitchen as you show off your omelette making prowess, right? And if I ask if you’re worthy, well… I could, I could just be quizzing you on your ADC skills, as a botlane duo. I confess, that right now I absolutely love that some of you have no clue what botlane duo means, while others do. And perhaps a new listener is now completely down a bunnyhole of botlane duos that are hot for this upcoming season of League… and they’re not thinking about Automatic Writing, or Fucking… or Being Worthy at all.

Okay, come on, put those Draven day-dreams away, and return to me.

The New Year’s Eve session, it will have three endings available, and each of those will be in a different session… and I’ll let you wait to find out what those are, but I’ll bet that your clever mind has at least two ideas already.

Okay, we are just about ready to get into the session, and like I said… if this particular session resonated with you, and you’d like to have only the session, and not always come back to the podcast, I don’t mind whichever you do, you can find it over on the website. Okay, let’s go ahead and get ready.

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