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4.53 Mistress Invites You to a Private Performance

This session includes references to diverse power exchange and BDSM practices. These happenings are presented as something to be viewed, not experienced. But as always I suggest you familiarise yourself with a safeword session before any play with me.



This podcast episode is a guided visualization. It’s a full hypnosis session with an induction, and it requires your full attention. If you’ve started listening on the train, or at work, then wouldn’t it be nice, dear, to save this one for later, dear? You can get yourself comfortable and slip into trance properly?

Now, the induction here is borrowed from the recently re-released punishment session… you know, the one about Corners. But that’s not the only thing that’s borrowed. Here is a fresh take on an old idea… because a long time ago I asked listeners to imagine some scenarios happening to someone on the other side of a plexiglass screen.

What was the reason for this? Well, I wanted to explore some ideas, but I didn’t want to subject them to you in the form of a visualization. It pleased me to know that you were able to be detached from those events. Be able to see them from a safe place, and more easily remove yourself from them if they were less than pleasant as they took their place in your imagination.

This is a different approach to the Listening Room sessions. At the moment, that’s The Pirate Queen and Financial Domination. Two really fun sessions that push on all sorts of non-consensual and coerced themes. The Listening Room is a tool for creating that same type of safety valve. It allows me to spring something on your subconscious, it allows me to surprise you without having to spoil the ending for you… and it isn’t a flawless solution, but I believe it’s more comfortable for both of us than simply telling you that you have to trust me, completely.

You can still trust me completely. I think it’s in your nature.

So in this session, you’ll visit a theater with me. A theater where I control the action. And I’ll show you how to take control of the stage, the puppet-actors, their characters and everything else. And eventually you’ll lay on a whole production for us both to enjoy… sound like fun? I know it will be. So now it’s time to start sinking into trance, for me.

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