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4.56 A Private Performance Story

A listener shared a story inspired by the Private Performance session from Episode 53. And in turn, I’m sharing it with you.

Make sure you listen to the end of the story. There are some important words that many need to hear, especially a number who aren’t taking their training seriously.



Today’s podcast episode has a treat for you. It’s a story from one of my dear Patrons. The inspiration, it clearly comes from scenes in The Private Performance… that session from episode 53. And you know that I love collaboration so I’m happy to share it.

Now before I do, I have a hint about Thursday’s session being released on the podcast. The inspiration, it comes from the month of February and that holiday that seems to be adored, detested, and ignored almost equally by the population. Nested right there in the middle of the month, Valentine’s Day brings to mind all of the American high school emotions of Prom. Y’know, you have the smug ones who have been a couple since they met and know they’re always guaranteed a date for every single formal. You also have the ones who get early invites, but then play Prom Date. Well, Prom Date Chicken by giving vague responses, wondering if a better, hotter, date offer might come along. And then you have the ones who desperately want to go and they have that building fear and anxiety of “Will I get asked?” “Will I have time to find a dress, a tux, a limo, dinner reservations and all of that?”

And finally, there are the ones who truly can’t be bothered, have zero interest at all, and they opt out entirely. If you’re in the latter category, you may find not a lot for you in the Thursday session. But if you love.. Well, love.. Whether it is the pursuit or the overwhelming, heads over heels, intense NRE (that’s new relationship energy for those unaware) or the safety of being both loved and giving love, you’re going to find something there for you.

Okay. Alright, boys, settle in and let Mistress tell you a story…  everyone loves story time.

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