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4.61 Strange Noises, Playlists, and A Polyamorous Cuckolding Story With No Ending

I want to make use of the poses from Slave Position Training in some upcoming episodes. Want to play along? The session is on sale right now…



Alright, this episode is a mix of polyamory, swinging, cuckolding, music suggestions and storytelling – in no particular order.

But first.. where have I been? And a thank you for a present that recently arrived… it was perfect timing. Truly perfect timing.

So lately, last week, just a crazy mix of personal and practical issues they just managed to eat my recording time and editor availability. As many of you probably cottoned on by the number of times I complain about it, even though I love it, I do live in a city. And sometimes the noise that goes on around me, it’s completely out of my control.

Now I know the other podcasters tend to be the types that work weeks and weeks ahead, I kinda don’t like to do that because I love to get the feedback from you and then we do this together. I feel like if I just go way ahead I’m basically doing this on my own.

Lucky for you, it didn’t stop my writing so I have a unique treat in progress for you. It’ll be free and available to everyone. It’s about 75% completed and… yes you hear a dog in the background, but we’re just going to go ahead. It’s about 75% done, I don’t quite have an ETA for when it’ll be completely done and out there… I do know that I’m enjoying it immensely and I have pretty high standards for what I want it to turn out to be, so that’s what’s taking a little bit longer.

Now a patron happened to message me during one of my writing sprees and we ended up exchanging playlist ideas for different scenarios. In my case it was putting words on paper, for him it was sanding down the floor. I think I won that one. Anyway, one that came up was the Chris Janson “Buy Me a Boat” and I admit even though I am not wildly into country there are some songs that’ll suck me in and, yeah, that’s one of them… so I already had that on my playlist. It’s just one that gets you moving, I guess. Now in my hometown area in the states there, there you’ll find every wedding reception or graduation party, it has some of these core country songs played just to get the people out on the floor. And Kameron Marlow, he came up too and wow he has a voice.

So, as for the poly – swinging – cucking bit. I have an orphaned storyline that I return to every so often. It’s not actually a session, though could be one, it’s more of an entertaining daydream. Cerebral masturbation perhaps. Just not sure what it’d fall under… so I ended up reading like guides, terminology to different lifestyles and so on. Basically just trying really which direction I wanted to go with this. Maybe it should be very taboo, or dial it back, so it’s not… ummm… anway I realised as I was going through, and what led me to this, is there are a so many. Many definitions and terms.

First, I think we all know polyamoury, right? Basically having multiple romantic, sometimes sexual, relationships with people, and it’s where everyone knows what is going on. There’s no secrets. Swinging is more of a sex-based ummm… though, the lines there can also blur, again… the usual, multiple partners scenarios. There’s something called soft swinging which some people describe as you’re with your partner, the other person’s with their partner and you just happen to be in the same room together. Though I have heard other definitions of that one.

Ummm… and like I said, it can blur. The intent, the focus, the emphasis it sets them apart.

And then we have the trusty cucking, and buddy, if you don’t know what that is, then I’m shocked. Because I don’t know how you can spend any time at all in like… fetishy things and not know what it is. But hey let’s pretend you are one of those sweet summer children and you have no idea. It’s basically when another dude has sex with your girl. Now I’m sure it could also be another woman having sex with your woman, or so on… or another guy with your guy, and such… basically, the person you’re in this relationship with is having a sexual encounter with another person. Ummm, with or without you being there.

Now here is my personal conspiracy theory. It’s that a lot of these guys that claim to be into cuckolding… that claim to be cucks… they’re not really. They’re just really into live porn. A free way… well I guess it’s not free if you get a hotel and all that, but a free way to get a show. And they’re not actually running the emotional gambit that’s supposed to go along with that activity.

I’d be interested to know what you think about that one. So there we are.  We’re on the same page.  Let me tell you the lead in for the story, this daydream that’s in my head. And then I want you to send me a message about which direction you think it should go; poly, swinging, cuck or something altogether different. I’m all ears.

Listen to the story in the podcast. And if you read this transcript before listening to the episode, that’s very naughty of you. Go spend 2 minutes in the Humble position.

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