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4.64 SbE Fractionation Induction, and a Free Trigger Reinforcement Session

Today’s Free Trigger Reinforcement Session revisits the Season Four Deepening Trigger, POUR, and Dear/Darling.

Also available from today is a similar trio of trigger reinforcements, for my favourite sissy maids.

Both bundles include two versions of the trigger reinforcement. Also included are 6-minute mini sessions that are suitable for daily use.



Today’s episode, and full length session that’s coming up, is all about reinforcement. Back in a previous episode in this season, and I’ll try to link to that in the show notes, I asked for your feedback regarding reinforcement sessions. And boy, did I get quite a lot! I’ve finally finished creating what I feel is the perfect groupings of different triggers into these standalone reinforcement sessions. The first one is free here on the podcast. It includes reinforcements for the Season 4 Deepener, POUR, and our fun word game of Dear and Darling. The POUR… I wonder how many times I can say POUR in this episode? Ummm, anyway, the POUR section is meant to be more of a heady meditative experience. You can listen here, or if you’d prefer to revisit the Season 4 Deepener, POUR and Dear/Darling trio without the podcast intro, you can go download it directly from the 

On the website, you’ll also find some other reinforcement trios available. I’ll let you discover it, just… rather than just blurting the words out on the podcast, right?

There have been a flurry of new subscribers to the podcast feed and the Youtube channel. So first, welcome in. And second, my content that’s available publicly for free, here, it tends to be the milder versions of what’s available on the website or sometimes directly to Patrons, or listeners, as rewards. My audience is set to adult, or mature, but I’m still mindful of the guidelines out there. So on the SpokenbyElswyth website it’s easier to provide content that doesn’t hold back.

So in the case of these reinforcement sessions, the trio being offered publicly is more of… a Femdom Hypnosis Foundation content. While the ones on the website hone in on fetish or they’re simply more explicit. They will have similar artwork which will make it way easier to find the ones that belong in this series.

Now my Patrons, they receive a monthly allowance code that they use for sessions that appeal to them. In the early days, I’d choose which session to give to Patrons but realized that is quite a trick with the huge variety of interests that we seem to share! The code made my life much simpler. Plus, I realised the sessions that locked behind the Patron wall were actually unavailable to people who either couldn’t use the platform, or chose not to. 

So now, let’s get started on the reinforcement session for today. You need to find a place where you can listen without interruption. I promise you won’t be taking off your clothes or going into any peculiar poses. You should be familiar with the Season 4 Deepener, POUR, and Dear/Darling triggers. If you haven’t heard all of them, follow the show note links to find those sessions and listen to them first.

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