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4.67 Every Time is the First Time

Every Time is the First Time – A Femdom Hypnosis Pegging Story is now available in the shop. Find more Sabriel sessions here.


Well, hello there. I have a bit of an announcement for today. I had planned on this… very close and intimate, wonderful bondage session that was going to go out onto the podcast. Well, it’s still going to go out, but not today. Because in the time I had that going on, I finished a wonderful, and I’m not lying when I say this is probably my favourite one so far, of the Sabriel Sessions. It’s called “Every Time is the First Time”.

Now I can’t put it on the podcast. It’s definitely pushing a few too many limits for that. I am going to put a snippet of it here, we’ll put that towards the end so you can hear it. And in the show notes, you will find a link that takes you directly to the website so you can download the entire thing from there.

Now in a previous episode I had talked more about Sabriel… about the inspiration, the name and so on. And I’d also mentioned The Slap. Now The Slap, it still works into this bondage-ish podcast episode, but I’ll go ahead and tell you what The Slap is about. Just because if you try out this one Sabriel session, you might want to do another one.

Now The Slap, it’s a story that inverts a piece of erotica that I read years ago. I don’t know where I could find it now, and most likely it’s better in my head. You know how those stories tend to go, right? We always make them better as we play them over and over again.

But it was about this Mistress-type talking to a sissy-ish type… there’s definitely some corsetry involved. I think she was supposed to be sitting at her dressing table, putting on lipstick in the mirror. Definitely Ruby Woo… even if that’s not in the original story, in my imagining that’s what she’s doing.

And so in that story, the Mistress-type somehow oversteps, or triggers the sissy-type, and earns herself a good, hard fucking from her prettified-partner. The strong-hands-encircling-wrists, toes curling, can’t-keep-quiet type of a good, hard fucking. You know the type that romance novels love. Have you read any romance novels? Maybe not.

Anyway, that’s what happens in The Slap… oh, but I don’t want a guy who just loses control, even if it leads to orgasms for me. That is not my thing. I like being in control. So The Slap is actually the trigger. The trigger for a performative version of reckless, animalistic, out-of-control sex… because Sabriel really does know how to play the part.

So there you have it. Now, listen to this bit of Every Time is the First Time, and then go over to the website and make sure you download it. Oh, and of course… give me your feedback. You know who all of those thoughts and feelings belong to, don’t you?

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