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4.80 Mistress hypnotist tricks the Pickup Artist

Today’s episode is taken from the newest Listening Room session, The Pickup Artist Gets Tricked.

Unfamiliar with the Listening Room? It is the place we can safely step out of your own persona, and explore some darker themes and fantastical circumstances.

You can find the required Season Four Deepening Trigger in the Free Beginner Bundle.



Today you are going to learn more about the Listening Room and experience an edited version of the newest session – The Pickup Artist Loses His Game. A few episodes ago I invited you to the strip club to practice your visualization. I suspect you’ve already done so but if not, make sure you find it and take a listen. I’ll put a link to it in today’s show notes.

That particular session, as short as it is, it was a huge hit and I continue to get lovely comments… and even better, hot story ideas in response.

Today’s session, it’s a blend of hypnosis and visualization that places you in the role of a moderately successful pickup artist. Okay, you might not be the kind of guy who thinks he would ever, ever want to be in those particular shoes… but I promise you that what happens to him is definitely something that you will enjoy.

Now the full-length session, it includes scenes of manipulation and explicit acts that would just get it deleted from YouTube and perhaps a few podcast providers… so you’re going to have to find that, the full uncensored version, over on The link, it is in the show notes so again, pretty easy to find. But I promise you that even with this YouTube Edited session, you will still find plenty to enjoy.

Before I get into telling you about the Listening Room and the triggers, I have a couple quick thank yous to send out. One dear Listener he already received his personal reward for finding the items on my wishlist that I’d highlighted. Now while I often don’t have time to do longer personal sessions, I’m quite enjoying doing these mini ones. For those of you who are very shy; yes it does require sending me a message, letting me know, basically what you can imagine being in there. What you would absolutely love.

And also, you know, there are people who love office supplies, and people who… I guess have no use for them. I have no idea how people maintain a 100% digital life. I love the blend of using my Hobonici and the Google Calendar, so thank you to D for my very useful gifts from my wishlist. I think it’s only Findom if you gift the graphics card that’s on there… I don’t think PostIt Notes and such quite hit that level.

Although, I have to admit that would turn into an entirely new project for me, because I likely have to dig in, replace my PSU and perhaps the case. I should consider that my reward if I ever get into Emerald. And by the way, Emerald is not some new swanky club… it’s a new Elo, and you either know what that means, or you don’t.

Another pair of my favourite socks… if any Smartwool executives are out there and you want to expand your marketing potential, I’m your girl. And I confess… I had added this one coffee to my wishlist without knowing if I liked it or not. I don’t think it’s a FOMO thing, it’s just a curiosity… so has anyone else tried Mushroom coffee? If you have, let me know what you think of it.

And two of you, both with the initials “R”… so R’n’R, collaborated to gift me a lovely new backpack and packing cubes. I have some trips, some big, some small planned for later this summer, so these are actually essentials. And don’t worry, I won’t be gone long.

And finally, someone has already been thanked for indulging my lapse of judgement. There are certain things I usually do not add to the Amazon wishlist… like lingerie is a no-no, I do some clothing that I know that Amazon can do okay with… and the other one is… well.. sex toys. So I added it to the wishlist, it was bought almost immediately, I can’t decide yet if I should give a proper review or not. Just let me know.

So as I mentioned, today’s free session takes place in the Listening Room. The Listening Room is something that I have new for Season Four… and I confess, the way the seasons have been broken up has been, well… has been pretty much whimsically decided as a lot of the things that we have done together here.

Now the Listening Room allows me to have this setting where you can go and sit down, put on the headphones and listen… and we can take it to as fantastical as we like it. I do have some very interesting things in the works in the Listening Room, thanks to those of you who have decided to be my co-Muses and to help me create.

There’s a trigger that’s all but required for Listening Room sessions, and that is the Season Four Deepening Trigger. You can get that from the free Beginner Bundle on the website. Listening Room sessions do also make use of some different background music and sounds. They’re basically there to help you settle into the scene. Plus, as I’ve stressed this season, this is an auditory experience.

If you want an example of that, you can go all the way back to the Walking to Seduction. It is near the start of the podcast, Season Four. And I’ll make sure to leave a link for you to follow.

Now due to the YouTube limitations, like I said, today’s session it is the edited one. You will find the much longer, much juicier version of this one, over on the SpokenByElswyth website. But I know that some of you have been curious about the Listening Room, and you have yet to take the plunge, so that’s where I’m taking you today.

It will have the same Listening Room induction that you will experience, if you do the Pirate Queen, or the Financial Domination one. The awakener is going to be a little bit different just because… well… just because of what happens to our Pickup Artist in this particular session. So go ahead, be brave, and dive into this experience with me.

Now I know some of you will be very curious, so… the inspiration behind today’s session, it’s basically what happens to a guy when his world is turned upside down. Especially a very egotistical and confident man. Now in this case… he finds none of his tricks work. While… all of hers do.

So it’s time now to get ready. Go ahead and find yourself a comfortable spot… breathe a few times and relax, and then you’ll find that the Listening Room induction, it will begin momentarily.

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