A Mild Rebuke


Allow me to sow a new hypnotic trigger, one which will allow me to correct you whenever you fail to meet expectations.



The focus of this 25 minute long session is a very important trigger setting. This trigger allows me to correct you when you’ve stepped out of line.

It takes the form of a sudden, sharp, but ultimately harmless physical correction.

Consider it to be the other side of the POUR coin.  This session is unlikely to cause distress to any of my typical followers. No name calling or cruel punishment, instead it is about putting you in your emotional place with a small physical action.

There will be other Mild Rebuke sessions offered. The first has a Puppy Play theme and is available now.

A Rapid Femdom Hypnosis Induction

This session is for those with experience in SbE Femdom hypnosis. I’ve developed my control of you in the Deepening Session and POUR, so the induction method can be far more direct than earlier sessions. But if you haven’t already trained with POUR, go back and do so.

A Mild Rebuke requires the Season Four Deepening Trigger and POUR. It also makes use of the Dear/Darling trigger.

The entire experience is accompanied by the familiar Season Four background music with calming solfeggio frequencies and isochronic tones.

All of the mild rebuke sessions end with the suggestion to either wake or fall into a natural sleep. 

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